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Medieval Costumes

Be that Knight on shining armour or rob the rich to feed the poor! Defend your throne as Richard the Lionheart or have swashbuckling adventures with Maid Marion! Unseat your rivals with a costume that packs more punch than a joust with King Arthur! All the romantic and noble imagery from the medieval genre all eagerly awaited and masterfully created.
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  1. Tweed Brown Flat Cap

    £6.99 £8.99
  2. Warrior Shield

    £9.99 £14.99
    Out of stock
  3. Sword Dark Royalty Set

    £6.99 £7.99
    Out of stock
  4. Medieval Sword

    £4.99 £5.99
  5. Victorian Gun Cane

    £5.99 £7.99
  6. Crusader Sword

    £4.99 £6.99
  7. Jumbo Sword

    £5.99 £9.99
  8. Medieval Sword

    £5.99 £9.99
  9. Fantasy Sword

    £4.99 £6.99
    Out of stock
  10. Crusader Sword and Shield Set

    £4.99 £6.99
    Out of stock
  11. Knight Set Sword and Shield

    £8.99 £12.99
    Out of stock
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