Where ever you are in the world, you will never be far from a New Years celebration when the 31st December rolls around. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we can all enjoy a good party and New Year always is. If you're not sure how to spend yours this year then have a look at the video that we've put together for you and get some inspiration.

Where's the best place to be?

If you want to be out and about for New Year's eve, the largest cities are where you need to go! Big spaces mean huge gatherings and an even bigger party atmosphere. London is always shown on TV for the countdown, why not be on the Thames celebrating this year or even up in the London eye? Get yourself noticed in a super funky hat and you might just end up on TV yourself!

Why not throw your own party?

House parties are always good fun and the more people, the better. Get all of your family and friends together and make it a New Year party to remember! Pick a fun dress code or theme to keep the fun going all the way up to the countdown and on through the morning.

Paint the town red!

If you prefer the club scene then you will have an endless choice of where you can go for the best party! Every club and bar across the country will be hosting a New Year's eve party, so take your pick! Whatever theme your venue is having, Hollywood will have the fancy dress for you so be sure to visit us.

Make good New Year resolutions!

Every year we pick the same old New Year resolutions and we know we won't stick to them. Most of them don't even last a day let alone the year, but we like to think we can do it. This year why not pick some more realistic goals? Visit your family more, cut down on the takeaways, do at least one charity event. All of these things are easy to achieve and you'll feel much better for it!