Everyone has a joker in their family or group of friends, but don’t let them get the better for you this April Fool's Day! Here at April Fool's DayHollywood we have a huge range of jokes and tricks to help you out smart your prankster for once!

April Fool's Day

The origins of this light hearted day are largely unknown with plenty of weird and wonderful speculations. The main theory is that it came about when Pope Gregory XIII ordered the change from the Jullian calendar to the Georgian calendar meaning New Year would be celebrated on the 1st January rather than 1st April. Many countries did not want to convert and continued to celebrate New Year on what became April Fool's Day. While it has never been confirmed it is a lot more believable than the allowing of a jester to be king for a day

Some like to plan pranks for their friends and family to scare them or trick them into believing ridiculous allegations. Some magazines and newspapers like to write elaborate hoax stories to publish on April 1st to fool the public. There have been some corkers in the last few years including one of our local businesses! Last year Bournemouth bike shop “Ride” transformed their store into the “Rude”, new and exciting adult’s only shop covered in bike themed innuendos. Bravo boys! For some of the biggest hoaxes pulled off on April Fool's Day click here!


So let’s get down to the jokes! There are plenty of tricks to play and here at Hollywood, we are here to help! The best pranks are the believable ones and the exhaust whistle is just that! This nifty little trick pops straight into the end of the exhaust pipe of any car causing the most awful noises when the car sets off. Due to its discreet nature it’s hard to see, but certainly loud enough for everyone to notice! Another great car prank is the stick on car scratch! A transparent sticker with a deep scratch design is perfect for fooling your car crazy friends.

If you’re living with a clean freak, then we have just the joke for you and that is black face soap! The more you use the dirtier you get so it is sure to send them into a fit of rage. Another messy prank that is perfect for anytime and anywhere is blood capsules! Pop one if these little bad boys between your teeth and start a fake fight with your friends, just as they swing bite down and watch the fake blood pour out of your mouth!

A classic joke to play on members of the public is the money snatcher; all you need is a paper note and this little gadget. Clip the money to the end of the string and place it on the floor, as someone goes to grab it push the button and reel it in as they chase after it! Another classic prank is the whoopee cushion, who doesn’t find unexpected fart noises funny?

If you have a friend with a sweet tooth why not pick yourself up some yummy hard boiled sweets, we have fart candies, blue mouth sweets and soap sweets to name a few. Our favourite by far though has to be the “No Tear” toilet paper, perhaps the cruelest joke you could play and it is always hilarious to hear the cries of horror when your joke is realised!

We hope you’ve got a bit of inspiration for April Fool's Day this year and don’t forget to pay us a cheeky visit before the day to get all the best jokes and tricks!