The campaign being run in the media regarding the supermarket giants Asda and Tesco stocking fancy dress costumes are now threatening independent retailers for Halloween costumes just to try and dominate the market themselves.

Asda offended people in the mental health system as they renamed them, we believe, in order to increase their rankings within Google and other search engines. This is just another example of the ‘giants’ threatening the independent retailer.

It is about time the supermarkets stopped trampling upon other industries and leave the small businesses to what they do best, give a good selection of products at good prices with excellent customer service.

No-one wants a world that has no choice or comparison as that it what will happen if the supermarkets continue to ‘jump’ on everyone elses market.

We have already lost many, many retailers large and small through I think the supermarkets domination of products.

Defending fancy dress costume sales

No-one in the fancy dress or any other industry is out to offend anyone regardless of colour, creed, physical or mental ability. We sell different culture costumes for chinese and arab and intend no offence to those cultures.

It is a shame we still live in a society where people can be still so small minded whether being racist, sexist or just finding something to humiliate another person about.

Every costume shop sells many types of costumes intending ABSOLUTELY no offence to anyone, just providing those who want a fun night out with some fun.

As said it is still the sad world we are living in but our anger goes to the supermarkets who only wanted to start getting recognition at this time of year as they have jumped onto our industry.

Asda was the one who manipulated the ‘name’ of the costume just to get ranked in Google as this is another industry the supermarket giants have started trampling upon.

We know they changed the names of these costumes as the manufacturers of fancy dress costumes are not in business to offend anyone, it is just Asda trying to let everyone know they now sell fancy dress !

Didnt they do a good job of letting everyone know! On the hour every hour for a full 24 hours and still going !!

Why dont they stick to selling baked beans and leave the other industries to the small businesses.

We wouldnt have lost so many independent retailers over the years if the supermarkets stuck to selling food.

Isnt it about time someone got the supermarkets back to the days when they just sold food and not other specialist items such as electricals, DVDs, clothes etc

We are just a small family business trying to survive in these difficult times.

Please support us this Halloween by visiting us or buying online our fantastic selection of Halloween costumes, make up, decorations, wigs plus other accessories, hats etc

Lastly a great big thank you to all our customers for all of their support past, present and future, see you this Halloween.


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