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Australia Day 2018

Australia Day 2018

Australia Day 2018

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G'day folks! It's time to celebrate the land down under that is Australia, as over 200 years ago the First Fleet from Europe settled in this beautiful country. We have all your fancy dress needs with costumes and accessories so you have more time to fry that shrimp on the barbie.

Costume Ideas

One of the most iconic Australian features is the wildlife. We have a some real party animals down at Hollywood Fancy Dress. The Carry-me Kangaroo is an amazing way to start the party of Australia day. Keep the laughs rolling all day with this costume, complete with baby roo poking his head out as not to miss any fun.

Also in stock is our range of mascot costumes that bring even more giggles to this celebration. Not only do we have a Kangaroo mascot (again complete with baby Joey in the pouch)

But we have a swamp full of crocodile costumes both for adults and children! Whether you want mascot style or the comfortable onesie costume, be sure to snap them up to avoid any crocodile tears.

Not forgetting the little accessories that make Australia

Don't forget to grab your an Australian cork hat, an absolute must have for all those Aussies in the Outback.

Why not take a look at a huge range of comical inflatables as well. Create a zoo party with inflatable Crocodiles, Kangaroos, Snakes and Seagulls. Or complete the Aussie atmosphere with an inflatable Cactus or Globe. Go all out with our Inflatable Palm Tree Drinks Cooler and really embrace the spirit of Australia day. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and relax like the Aussies do (although with this British weather it might need to stretch your imagination!).


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