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  1. Everything you need to know about Pirates

    With Harry Paye day fast approaching, this year’s event will take place on Saturday 20th June down at Poole Quay and through the town itself, we though it was high tide that we took a look at some of the fascinating facts about pirates. This latest infographic takes a look at the so called Golden Age of Piracy  and the exploits of Blackbeard and his many cohorts. If it's got the blood pumping for a fun family day out then join us for Harry Paye day you won't be disappointed. The fun will begin at midday and run until 6pm. You will be treated to a parade of pirates and plenty of live music and entertainment, including authentic shanty singing! There will be cannon, musket and fencing displays taking place throughout the day for you to enjoy too. There really will be something for everyone including the little ones, with children’s fun fair rides and competitions for them to take part in. If you’re more interested in being on the water STS Tenacious will be docking from the 19th June and setting sail again after the celebrations on the 21st. Don't forget your costume... Continue reading →
  2. Your Frozen Sing-a-long Guide

    Your Frozen Sing-a-long Guide
  3. Picking Your World Book Day Costume

    Picking Your World Book Day Costume
      7 Continue reading →
  4. Celebrate World Book Day 5th March 2015

    Celebrate World Book Day 5th March 2015
    On the 5th March it will be time to celebrate World Book Day. What a great opportunity to dress up as your favourite literary characters and bring the books you love to life. World Book Day is a partnership of publishers, booksellers, schools, charities and more. It is a great opportunity to encourage children to read more and let them...
  5. Do you have a New Year Resolution?

    Here are the 10 most common New Year Resolutions to help you chose yours - or maybe pick something a little bit different! Every year, we promise ourselves that we will change. We will acquire new virtues and dispense with our stubborn vices. However well-intentioned, these plans rarely come to fruition, with polling data estimating the time of failure before...
  6. New Year Celebrations - Make it a large one!

    Christmas has come and gone and once again the New Year will roll around before any of us have time to properly play with our presents. As far as television is concerned, you may be wondering what’s coming up on the night itself and how you’re going to prepare for it. Fear not, for the research has been done for you! BBC New Year Show The BBC will, as ever be hosting live coverage of all of the New Year’s events, including the London Fireworks. A series of big names from the world of music are sure to be present, along with what is sure to be a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Jool’s Holland Hootenanny Show It wouldn’t be New Year television without Jools Holland’s annual offering. This one promises to maintain his typical high standards, with performances from a diverse range of musicians. This promises to have something for everyone and a healthy smattering of music you won’t have heard before. Channel 4 Channel 4’s offering is hosted by Alan Carr and includes guest appearances from James Corden, Keith Lemon, Ben Cohen and Abbey Clancy.  This will be a party, with stand-up, along with music from Professor Green. This show is distinct from the offerings put forward by the BBC, in that it has already been pre-recorded. ITV James Manford is offering his comedic take on the news events of the year in a show called ‘A Funny Old Year’. This will be an hour-long comedy special, packed with Manford’s unique brand of presenting throughout. Continue reading →
  7. What will your outfit be on New Year?

    All of the outfits shown below are available on our fab site so you can choose something special for New Year. Make sure you have a stylish end to 2014 and make a feisty entry into 2015!
  8. Time to start thinking about your Christmas & New Year party

    It is time to start thinking about your Christmas & New Year party. We can all host a great party where the alcohol flows and the party food is rolled out. But, what makes an exceptional party? If you take a moment to consider all the parties you have ever been to the best ones tend to have: Fancy Dress...
  9. How to Create a Retro 1940s Hairstyle

    How to Create a Retro 1940s Hairstyle
    40's Pin Up Wig with Victory RollsThe 1940s was an elegant and sophisticated era in the world of fashion and hair. Ladies wore beautiful dresses, stockings, hats and jewellery – always looking sweet, feminine and polished. When you look back through photographs and advertisements of the time – you can get a sense of the ladylike grace that this period embraced. Perhaps ladies spent so much time making their hair look gorgeous, because their clothing, stockings and fabrics were rationed and this was the only way to feel stylish and dressed up. Continue reading →
  10. Planning a World Cup Final Party? Read This First!

    Planning a World Cup Final Party? Read This First!
    The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil has started, England have already played and to be fair didn’t do too badly. Are you planning a world cup final party to celebrate on June 13th? Getting a bunch of your friends together to watch the game can be a lot of fun, but how do you make the party the best it can be? Here are some things that you need to consider when planning the event: What is Your Budget? The first thing to do is determine how much you have to spend on the party itself. It is tempting to overspend when you are getting excited about the event, so setting a budget first will help you to keep things reasonable. Continue reading →
  11. Funny Running – Choosing Fancy Dress Costumes for Races

    Funny Running – Choosing Fancy Dress Costumes for Races
    Marathon Woman Instant KitIf you have ever taken part in a marathon running event or watched one on television, you have probably seen a number of runners who have opted to complete the race in a fun and playful fancy dress costume rather than traditional running gear – such as in the Race for Life in Southampton for example (which will take place this year on July 6th). Why exactly do people like to run in fancy dress costumes for races? Isn’t running a race difficult enough without the extra weight an annoyance of a costume? Are these runners just attention seekers or is there a good reason why they are doing it? Continue reading →
  12. Festival Season Kicks Off – Do You Have Your Fancy Dress?

    Festival Season Kicks Off – Do You Have Your Fancy Dress?
    Festival season will be in full swing soon, so it’s time to start thinking about how you can dress up! The Isle of Wight Festival took place from June 13-15th and the famous Glastonbury Music Festival will be taking place on the 25-29th of June. If you are attending these fun festivals, the experience is so much more entertaining when you can dress up in a fun and interesting outfit. But sometimes dressing up can be more difficult than it sounds. With so many options out there, how do you choose the best fancy dress costume? If you are looking for some inspiration for your festival fancy dress costume this year, here are some fun and playful ideas to keep in mind. Continue reading →
  13. Avengers Movie Theme – The Perfect Fancy Dress Idea?

    Avengers Movie Theme – The Perfect Fancy Dress Idea?
    Avengers Black Widow CostumeSometimes it can be challenging to come up with a fancy dress idea for a party. There are so many different themes that have really been overdone, so you want to think of something original that will not be tired and boring. However, you don’t want to choose anything that is too difficult or obscure. Your guests should at least be familiar with your fancy dress theme, or they won’t know what to dress as. Stuck for ideas? What about an Avengers Movie Themed Fancy dress party? The Avengers is a very popular film franchise and an important party of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film “The Avengers” came out in 2012 and was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The film was written and directed by the legendary Joss Whedon and includes an ensemble cast featuring Chris Evens, Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner and Cobie Smulders. Continue reading →
  14. Celebrate D-Day Anniversary with 1940s Fancy Dress

    Celebrate D-Day Anniversary with 1940s Fancy Dress
    June 6 of 2014 marks the 70s anniversary of the Normandy Landings, also known as “D-Day” or “Operation Neptune”. This was the largest seaborne invasion in history and it was the act that began the invasion of Western Europe by the Allied Troups, which was then under German occupation. This invasion led to the Allied victory in the war. Continue reading →
  15. Fun Fancy Dress Ideas for Your Hen Party

    Fun Fancy Dress Ideas for Your Hen Party
    So you are planning a hen party before your big day? Why not get a little bit silly and wear a Fancy Dress costume? Getting dressed up for your hen party can be a lot of fun and will bring you and your girlfriends plenty of laughs. However, you don’t want to get dressed up in the same old boring fancy dress costumes. There have been a million nurses, Playboy bunnies and French maids on hen parties, so why not wear something more creative and interesting? If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some fun fancy dress ideas: Continue reading →
  16. X-Men Film Offers Plenty of Fancy Dress Costume Inspiration

    X-Men Film Offers Plenty of Fancy Dress Costume Inspiration
    If you are looking for fancy dress costume inspiration for your next party, why not look to the silver screen and be inspired by the newest X-Men film? The excitement is building in the lead up to the release of the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” film, which will be released on May 22nd, 2014. Continue reading →
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  18. Buy Fancy Dress

    Buy Fancy Dress
    Hollywood Fancy Dress has the largest range of costumes, accessories and party supplies in the South coast. The Leaders in modern and Classic Fancy Dress, we strive to impress. With new lines arriving each week and expansive product sourcing we have all you need to make your event perfect. Party wear is a huge part of our business, with balloons, banners, table wear...
  19. About Us

    About Us
      Hollywood Fancy Dress - what's so great about us? Welcome, welcome to the greatest fancy dress blog site on, over and under the earth (and maybe through it too)! This is our about us page - everything you need to know about our fabulous stores and website! We’re happy here at Hollywood to pick your brain and fan it’s flames! Let...
  20. Asda Actions Threatens Fancy Dress Business

    The campaign being run in the media regarding the supermarket giants Asda and Tesco stocking fancy dress costumes are now threatening independent retailers for Halloween costumes just to try and dominate the market themselves. Asda offended people in the mental health system as they renamed them, we believe, in order to increase their rankings within Google and other search engines...

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