How to Host the Best Halloween Adult Fancy Dress Party

Most people think planning the perfect Halloween party is stressful, but it should be fun! Hosting a Halloween adult fancy dress party means getting all your guests to dress up in the best Halloween costumes out there, provide entertainment and have a great time.

Halloween Fancy Dress Traditions

Halloween is one of the most popular seasons throughout the year to host fancy dress parties. In the UK, we are increasingly spending more money on Halloween and fancy-dress parties. Traditionally, the All Saints Day celebration was called All-Hallows or All-Hallowmans, the night before this was called All-hallows eve – eventually we came to use the term Halloween.  This day typically came before at the start of the winter calendar and unsurprisingly, the cold weather killed off all the crops.

This ‘deathly’ period for the crops was no surprise as to why people started dressing up in scary costumes, most people dressed this way to honour the tradition of the demonic spirits that came with Halloween.

4 Things You’ll Need to Organise Before Halloween

There are a few things you need to arrange before you get the party started.

What’s a party without guests? One of the first things you need to do is agree on a date and invite all your guests, whether it’s a small group of close friends, family members or both.

Once you decide who you are going to invite, you need to tell them its an adult fancy dress party and that costumes are a must! There is nothing worse than turning up to a Halloween fancy dress party and you’re the only one dressed in your everyday jeans. The more effort you put into your Halloween outfit, the better you will look.

You’ll obviously need a place to dance – picking the venue will depend on two things. How many people you are inviting and where is easily accessible for all your guests.

Arrange for entertainment – many party goers are quite happy to entertain themselves, especially after the drinks are flowing. But our favourite Halloween party fancy dress games are: Bobbing apples, graveyard walks, blindfolded food and drink tasting or card games (there are so many).

How to Make Your Halloween Party Extra Special

If the crazy fancy dress outfits aren’t enough, there are a few things you can do so make your Halloween party one to remember.

Decorate your venue – you want to get your hands on everything spooky, sticky, dark and gloomy. This means sticking cobwebs in every corner and have whistling ghouls hanging from the ceiling. It all about setting the scene and Halloween themed accessories are the perfect place to start.

Drinking blood – not literally, don’t worry. As your guests arrive, its fun to serve them a drink from something unusual. Whether it’s a skull shaped glass or a syringed filled shooter. Get creative and trick your guests with something sour!

Make it scary – if you really want to host a Halloween party to remember, have your guests on the end of their chairs. They might not fall for it every time, but a spooky skeleton is an easy prop to have jump out at your guests and enjoy their scared faces.

Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

If you’ve been invited to a Halloween fancy dress party this year and are in need of a little inspiration, we’ve pulled together our favourite male and female costumes. If your struggling where to start with ideas, you can make any costume ‘Halloween’ themed with a little blood and gore. Or, if you want to stand out from the crowd and dress up in something outrageous, October is the perfect time of year to do so.

Female Fancy Dress Costume Inspiration

At Hollywood, we offer a full range of ladies Halloween costumes, ranging from zombies and witches, to vampires and skeletons – you ca find it all.

Our Vampiress Dark Mistress Costume is one of our most popular ladies fancy dress outfits. Its red and black detail and netted material makes it perfect for Halloween. Make your Halloween guests turn their heads and add some vertical stripe hold-ups . Vampire costumes are perfect for any Halloween costume, its simple outfit that everyone will recognize. You need to feel comfortable in your costume, hopefully you’ll be dancing in it all night. Make sure you try it on before the night of your Halloween party, check everything fits and that you look amazing!

Adult Fancy Dress - Mistress

Adult Fancy Dress - Stockings


Male Fancy Dress Outfits

According to Google, it is often males that shop for Halloween fancy dress costumes compared to females. There are so many possible costumes and fancy-dress ideas for men, you really want to put in the effort to give that wow21 factor this Halloween.

One of our favourite male Halloween costumes in the twisted ring master costume. Its black jacket and silk lapels make it an outfit like no other. If your looking for a Halloween costume that a little outside the box, then this is the outfit for you.

Adult Fancy Dress - Ringmaster costume

This outfit is so well put together you don’t need to add any accessories or additions – simply splash a little blood round your neck and you’ll look the part.

Best Couples Halloween Costumes

Everyone loves a matching couple’s outfit, especially at Halloween time when they look just as scary as each other. You can nearly make any Halloween outfit for two, but there are some favourites that look even better in twos for more impact.

With the launch of the scary Halloween film ‘It’, clown costumes are becoming a more popular choice than ever. Couple clown costumes are perfect, you can apply each other face paints and make sure you both look just as creepy as each other.

Now you have a Halloween party plan, entertainment ideas and the best Halloween costume outfits planned – your all set for scary season. If you’ve left it right until last minute – don’t worry, Hollywood offer low cost tracked and traced delivery so get your Halloween fancy dress costume ordered today.