Get ready for Black Panther the movie release on DVD! That's right you can own the fantastic Marvel movie on DVD come the 11th June!

So what's all the fuss about? Well not only did the Wakanda Prince star in his very own movie recently but he also debuted in Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War! That's right, he's quite a big deal!

Brand New Black Panther Costume - to celebrate DVD release!

Black Panther Costume

Return home as the Black Panther and see just who has ideas to take over your kingdom. Dressed in this svelte suit with its padded, 3D chest, few will be prepared to challenge your authority. Just remember one thing: “Don’t freeze!”. This fantastic, deluxe outfit comes complete with a black 3D Muscle chest jumpsuit with boot tops and mask. You will feel like the legend himself dressed in this fabulous costume!

Get your little one involved too!

Black Panther - Kids Costume

Your enemies know you will go to extraordinary lengths to protect your home, the African kingdom of Wakanda. Only those foolhardy to get too close will figure if that necklace is made of arrowheads or discarded panther fangs… This brilliant kid's deluxe costume comes complete with a shine jersey printed jumpsuit with quilted padded muscle chest, metallic necklace and mask.

Don't fancy committing to a full costume because let's be honest sometimes we just aren't in the mood - then try just the mask!

Black Panther Mask

Join the Avengers as the agile, daunting figure of the Black Panther! Mystery surrounds him as his animal moves and tracker instincts appear to make him half man, half beast. Keep his secrets safe when you step behind this mask! This cool mask is for a child and is a 1/2 mask for easy and comfortable wear.

Finally, check out more on the Black Panther in his official Marvel bio! Click here now.