This Halloween gore is in and here at Hollywood we have made sure we’re ready for the flood! We have just about every kind of fake blood you can imagine so we’re here to tell you what the best blood is for you! We even have some new ranges this year so keep your eyes pealed.


Ok, ok, I know it’s ALL fake blood, but if the packet says “Fake” or “Vampire Blood” this is just your run of the mill fake blood, it's not very thick but it’s good for people on a budget or if you’re pouring it onto your costume. This stuff WILL sell out no matter how much we have in stock so be sure to pick it up as soon as possible!


For those true Halloween enthusiasts you’ll be in need of gel blood! This is the good stuff; the stuff that drips like real blood would, making it perfect for adding to face make-up and fresh looking wounds. For the most part all brands of gel blood have precision application tips so you can get it into the corners of your mouth and into the cracks and crevices you make in your wounds without the mess or fuss of the conventional blood tubes.


The bloody scab congeals and dries like real blood. If you’re creating wounds or want blood that will stay in place when you put it on, then this is ideal. It is a much thicker consistency than other fake blood options and is very easy to apply even for beginners as it doesn’t drip.


For the ultimate shock factor why not go for blood capsules? Keep one of these in your mouth and wait for the opportune moment to bite down and release a spray of blood over all of your friends! The blood inside is thin in consistency so that it pours from your mouth when the gelatine shell is burst. This is non toxic for obvious reasons, but I’d still avoid swallowing the capsule if you can help it!

SPRAYSBlood Spray

If you’re looking for coverage then its spray for you! It is slightly thinner than your conventional fake blood, but its faster drying and is certainly far easier than trying to spread it over your costume from a tube! There are sprits and aerosol versions of spray blood so be sure to pick the right one for you. Sprits blood comes in a little plastic bottle and will give you a good splattering effect without having to break out a paintbrush to flick it on with. This is intended for use on your body so be sure to avoid spraying it in your eyes or mouth!

Aerosol spray blood comes in a can and will give you a blood mist, so, as with spray paint you can get different effects depending on the distance you are from your victim... I mean target... This blood is meant for clothing and decorations only so don’t use this on your skin.


As the heading suggests, you can get a pint bottle of blood, some might think it a little overkill, but some might think it’s awesome! If you’re the kind of person that likes to go all out for Halloween then a pint of blood might just be for you. These are especially good for sharing between large groups of friends or for anyone doing photo shoots and videos.


Ok, so zombies may have been humans once, but who’s to say that their blood is still the same colour now that it’s stopped pumping? If you want to go for something a little different this year, try some green zombie blood! It has the same thickness as regular fake blood, the only difference being the colour and it also comes in pint bottles for those who really love their gore!


Yes, that means we have blood that glows under ultra violet light! For the clubbers among us, this is for you and if you are dressing as a zombie this year then you have to try this! This fake blood is dark will glow green or orange under a UV light for an amazing bio-hazard effect! What more could you want?!