Bonfire night, the 5th of November is the night of the year that most associate with fireworks. While fireworks can be bought all year round from Hollywood, its November the 5th that was the start of this tradition and the reason fireworks have become popular in English culture.

We all know the gunpowder plot of 1606. We as brits celebrate every year of the failed treason attempt to blow up the King. Setting of fireworks on November 5th Bonfire Night.

'Remember, remember the 5th of November: gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.'

At Hollywood we have a huge selection of fireworks all year round to make your celebrations go with a bang. From low noise garden fireworks, to big load bangs and rockets, we have it all. Not forgetting the all important sparklers.

Family Bonfire Night

Looking for something small and low noise perfect for all the family, selection boxes are just perfect, with their colourful fountains and small little barrages, they will create the right bonfire night for the youngsters. We also this year have a few low noise barrages.

Angel Dust xl barrage
Angel Dust XL Low Noise
Monster Bonfire Night Selection Box
Monster Selection Box
Venus Selection Box Bonfire Night
Venus Selection Box
Imperial Selection Box
Imperial Selection Box


Lets start with rockets, light that fuse and watch them whizz into the sky, and pop. From small little packs for the little ones, to big load bangers.

Star Gazer Bonfire Night Fireworks
Star Gazer Rockets
War Hawk 2 Bonfire Night
War Hawk II Rockets
Sky Thunder Rockets Bonfire Night
Sky Thunder Rockets
Halo Rocket Pack Bonfire Night
Halo Rocket 2 Pack


Barrages are the perfect firework, light one fuse and a mini display performs right above you. From small to big we cater for all.

Happy Trolls Bonfire Night Firework
Happy Trolls 25 Shot
Big Cheese Firework
Big Cheese 32 Shot
Armageddon 500 shot Barrage Bonfire Night
Armageddon 500 Shot
Gorilla Barrage
Gorilla 40 Shot
Coco barrage Bonfire Night Firework
Coco 50 Shot
Maximum Showtime Display Kit
Maximum Showtime Display Kit

So whether you are looking for a small selection for your little family, or want to go big we have it all. Both our Hollywood Stores on Castle Lane West Bournemouth and Queensway Southampton will be open right through the week and even open on Sunday the 5th 11am - 4pm.

Hollywood Fancy Dress would like to wish our customers a happy and safe bonfire night.