It's Skool disco time!

Bournemouth is a beautiful place to live in the summer. The place with fun and unique happenings every day. The Bournemouth 7’s Festival is the world’s largest sport and music festival and is celebrating its 11th year in 2018. It’s a great chance to chill out with your mates! Kick back and enjoy some music and get competitive with lots of sporting activities.

This year, the theme is Skool Disco vs anything goes. We have some awesome festival themed costumes to impress your friends and other festival goers.

If memories serve correctly, school discos were lame after school parties where your PE teacher choose the songs. This festival will be the complete opposite, with some great headliners this year. Get into the school spirit with this authentic looking teacher’s gown and be the boss of the camp.

Fancy Dress Time - Skool Disco Styled!

Skool Disco - Head Teacher Costume

Don’t forget to grab a mortar board to complete the look!

Skool Disco - Mortar Board Hat

Cheerleaders are the image of American high schools but have been making their way across the Atlantic recently. They’re also the image of supporting your sports team, and at Bournemouth 7’s, you’ll have lots of teams to choose from. This pretty costume comes with a red and white cheer leader styled dress with a pair of matching black and red pom poms.

Cheerleader - Skool Disco Theme

And brand new in! The cheerleader instant kit, which includes a pink cheerleading skirt, whistle and matching pink pom poms.

Pink Cheerleader Kit - Skool Disco

Get all your mates laughing with our hilarious range of Carry Me costumes, now in stock in all of our Hollywood stores. These costumes are easy to wear and party in and create a great atmosphere for everyone. This new inflatable Donald Trump Carry Me will catch the attention of all and you’ll definitely stand out as you’re carried around by the infamous leader.

Donald Trump Carry Me - Skool Disco

Don’t forget to pick up so glitter before you leave as we all know it’s not a festival until you’re all covered in glitter. We have a great range of glitter gels, glitter dust and glitter hairspray in hundreds of different colours.

Glitter Gel - Skool Disco

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