Bournemouth Air Show 2018

 The Bournemouth air show is back for a spectacular 4 day event. You can enjoy a range of different air displays and attractions while sat on the stunning beaches that Bournemouth have to offer. The event starts on 30th August and will end on the 2nd September. Will you be going along?

arrows maneuver GIF

As the air show is just around the corner we thought we would share with you some of the fantastic items we have here at Hollywood….

Hollywood Fancy Dress - it's Air Festival time!

Let’s start with this flying man hat…

Air Show

This brown flying hat would want to make anyone hop in a plane and just fly through the sky.

Why not add a little more to you look with this instant kit.

Air Show

This Kit is one sized it includes a hat, scarf and goggles. Perfect for you or your little ones.

Why not soar through the sky in the very handsome men’s WW2 Air Force captain costume!

Air Show

This costume is available in sizes MED and LRG. It includes navy trousers, jacket, hat and tie. Want to do a couple fancy dress? We also have the matching ladies WW2 captain costume…

Air Show

This stunning costume again is navy blue, with jacket, shirt mock skirt with tie and belt. Therefore, it is a great couple costume Idea. Because you are bound to turn heads with these retro costumes.

Going back to bit of a classic here but what about something like this sexy Top Gun aviator costume for all you wonderful ladies.

Air Show

Strut your stuff and feel amazing with this flattering green dress will make you feel as you should be part of movie yourself.

We also do the different styles of aviator glasses to match!

Air Show

These gold framed aviators will complete any look. They come in a range of different styles!

Like what you see? Pop in to your local Hollywood store now and indulge yourself in everything we have to offer. We always look forward to seeing you all!