Sevens is known at the ‘Sporting Glastonbury’, a huge rugby and netball festival, jam packed with nearly 20,000 people every year going to the festival to rock out with the live bands and enjoying the events they have to offer! The staff here always get excited for Sevens, making sure they’re first to read up on the fancy dress theme the Sevens gang have conjured up for the year. This year, on the Saturday, the festival is playing host to the much loved “Anything Goes” theme, where you can take your pick from our huge range of costumes and accessories. The entire collection of fancy dress will be at your disposal, meaning you can choose from our awesome plush animal costumes, to our funny food costumes. We here at Hollywood have an unbelievable range of costumes. Pretty much anything you can muster up in your crazy heads; we’ll be able to sort you out with! On the Sunday, the festival will throw a mandatory School Disko vs. Tight and Bright party, so fish out those old school shirts and skirts, team it up with some of our awesome 80s style accessories, or come and grab one of our many costumes to fit the bill! An always popular theme, the Tight and Bright vs. School Disco allows everyone to dress up nice and bright for the evening. And don’t forget to take advantage of our amazing UV reactive make up that we have in stock too! All the staff here at Hollywood are getting geared up for a party that will be like no other, and we think you need to come and check out some of the awesome gear we have waiting for you to feast your eyes on! Don’t wait any longer! Come and check out our tight and bright accessories at your local Hollywoodstore or hop online now to see what we have!

Grab your fancy dress costume for Sevens this weekend