Get ready for Summer Ball!

Summer ball - Banner

You’ve worked hard all year (partied hard too) and now that the summer has arrived, it’s time to relax and celebrate the end of another school year. The Student Ball for Bournemouth University students is the perfect way for you and your mates to let your hair down and have a silly themed night. With loads of student friendly costumes and accessories, there’s something for everyone. But hurry down, the Student Ball always sells out quick and we’re sure to do the same!

Summer Ball Must-haves!

Arriba Arriba! Bring a little side of Mexico to ‘sunny’ Bournemouth with this brilliant and cheap instant kit. The colourful Aztec style poncho is easy to wear and dance in. The kit also comes with an authentic Mexican Tash. Just pick up an oversized sombrero to complete the look.

Student Ball - Mexican Instant Kit

Thousands of years ago, the human race had no choice in what they would to a prehistoric party but luckily you do. Leopard print is still in fashion and with these stone age costumes you’ll fit right in. The Cavewoman costume is complete with Leopard print dress, rope belt and headband.

Student Ball - Cavewoman Costume

Don’t worry guys, you Neanderthals can go to the prehistoric ball as well! What better then a Paeolithic man walking around the Summer Ball? This Caveman costume comes with Leopard print tunic, rope belt, armband and headband. There’s a great range of accessories to go with the costumes too!

Student Ball - Caveman Costume

In the world of wonderland and fairy tales, every girl shall go to the ball. But you student princesses can party all night long with or without your Prince Charming. With these Alice in Wonderland themed instant kits that won’t steal all your gold and silver, you’ll have plenty left over for your horse and carriage. The Alice kit includes a tutu-style skirt and hair bow.

Student Ball - Alice in Wonderland Kit

And the Queen of Hearts kit comes with tutu-style skirt, crown and wand.

Student Ball - Queen of Hearts Kit

Some of you haven’t done any uni work, been out every weekend and already spent your student loan. But put your pot noodle down, there’s something for even the naughtiest students that won’t break your nearly empty bank. The Escaped Prisoner outfit is a comfortable costume to wear and you’ll definitely stand out with the bright orange boiler suit. It’s the perfect outfit for groups who want to go matching.

Student Ball - Convict Costume

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