Burns Night is a celebration held on the 25th January to honour the life and works of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns. Burns NightEven though his life was tragically cut short, he was able to leave behind a legacy that would immortalise him for centuries.

Who Was Robert Burns?

Burns was born to a less than wealthy family, but he worked hard and got himself an education. He had a love of books which no doubt fuelled his passion for writing and poetry. He also had a passion for women that saw him father more than a dozen children to various women. A true Scottish hero!

A few Years after his passing in 1801, a group of his friends held what is thought to be the first ever Burn’s Night around the anniversary of his death. These informal suppers in his honour varied from place to place since but the essence always remained the same, to have fun. Nowadays they are more commonly celebrated on Burns’ birthday, 25th January.

Burns Supper

Often at a Burns supper guests will gather as a host says an introduction and everyone is seated. The first course of the meal is usually some form of broth or soup, followed by the main event, the Haggis! This is brought out to the tune of bagpipes as the host recites a Burns poem called “Address to a Haggis”  After the meal guests fondly recite more of Burns’ poems and songs before joining hands for the anthem that is Auld Lang Syne, which has become the song of New Year!

All in all Burn’s night is an informal and fun celebration of a man with a huge amount of talent and an extraordinary story. If you want to get involved with a Burns supper this January, Scotland will be brimming with feasts and parties for you to attend. If you’re not up for the journey then why not host your very own Burns night at home? You can slip into a traditional kilt and tartan hat and boil yourself up a haggis anywhere in the world!

Where To Go?Burns

If you’re looking to celebrate Burns Night in style Dumfries is the place to be this year! From 22nd-30th January they will be hosting the Big Burns Supper, a contemporary event filled with dance, cabaret and parades. The Burns House Museum will be holding family oriented events and bringing back characters from the past such as Racer Jess and Reverend William Auld. The National Museum of Scotland will also be putting on performances and family friendly events for the occasion.