We all feel that ache in our legs at the end of a long night out. Too much dancing, too much walking and maybe a little too much drinking... Don’t you just wish you had someone there to take away the burden? Now you can, just say “Carry Me!”

Here at Hollywood we have the most hilarious new range of costumes, perfect for stag nights and those parties where you just want to be the life and soul! We present to you the “Carry Me” costumes. Designed to look like you’re sitting on the shoulders of some poor unsuspecting soul, these are ideal for the clowns amongst us!

Carry Me Designs!

Speaking of a clown; that just happens to be one of the funny designs available! Perfect for a circus themed event or even Halloween, because who isn’t afraid of clowns? But the fun doesn’t stop there, we also have the carry me gnome, ideal for fairytale parties. Not everyone can go as prince charming can they?

If you’re more of a party animal, then you’ll be spoilt for choice with the carry me costumes. Spoof your favourite King Kong scenes with the mighty gorilla costume; team it with a white dress and blonde locks for the best drag costume ever! Or you could re-live those childhood dreams you never wanted to talk about and have magical adventures with your good pal Ted! Hit the clubs with everyone’s favourite thunder buddy. Seeing as Easter is just around the corner, why not go for the chicken carry me costume? Band together and unite on the backs of chickens and set course for the supermarkets and fast food joints in your town to cause some oh so funny havoc! Carry MeTake over the town in the awesome horse carry me costume! You can wear it with a cowboy hat and waistcoat for the ultimate western costume to make all your party guests laugh and cheer. Alternatively you could pair it with a jockey costume to transform yourself into a super lazy jockey!

The possibilities are endless with these fantastic new costumes, making them easy to wear again and again. So pick up yours today in store or online from Hollywood!