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Cartoon Character Fancy Dress Costumes

Cartoon Character Fancy Dress Costumes

Get ready for cartoon madness! These fabulous cartoon character outfits are a must-have for your next fancy dress event! From the Flintstones to Scooby-Doo! We are your number one place for those shows you find on TV! Why not dress as Penelope Pitstop from the iconic Wacky Racers from the 90's pink costume is guaranteed to get you noticed! A popular outfit is Barbie and Ken - you can now be the most-loved dolls of the 80s and 90s! Not only will you have Barbie's beautiful blonde hair but you will also have Ken's striking Leopard print style. Why not be an iconic character from Disney Pixar's Toy Story! You can choose between the brave Buzz Lightyear, the Wild Woody or dazzling Jessie! If Toy Story is not your fave, relax. We have plenty of other outfits that will suit the theme just nicely!


    Beetlejuice, you look rather... different today. Did you do something with your hair at last? Now the ladies can also dress up as the main character of Tim Burton's cult classic film "Beetlejuice"! This gorgeous costume comes with a black and white striped dress (with logo attached), wig, collar and tie. Of course, we also stock the male version of...
  2. Celebrate Roald Dahl for World Book Day!

    Celebrate Roald Dahl for World Book Day!
    Do you fine guys and gals like books? We sure do! But personally our favourite is Roald Dahl, and to celebrate such a fine gentleman and writer, we have lots of costumes and accessories in the style of characters from his books! Want the hair of an Oompa Loompa? The ears of the BFG? We’ve got it! For instance, be...

    RINGWOOD CARNIVAL is taking place this year on Saturday 15th September and, as always, it promises to be a festival of fun for the whole family to enjoy! The carnival is run by registered charity Ringwood Carnival Society, which aims to give you a festive fair filled with processions, market stalls, live music and entertainment! The carnival is a FREE...
  4. Catwoman Fancy Dress Outfit

    Catwoman Fancy Dress Outfit
    One our newest editions to the Batman range will leave your friends and family hiding their pearls as Catwoman has made a great appearance in Hollywood fancy dress stores. The Dark Knight Rises has become one of the biggest film spectaculars of the year and Hollywood Fancy Dress Staff were blown away, especially Anne Hathaway’s incredible performance as Catwoman. We...

    This summer sees the release of the eagerly anticipated film, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and we at Hollywood could not be more excited!! As the final installment of the Batman trilogy, the film is set to be bigger and better than what we’ve had so far with the exciting introduction of Catwoman and new villain Bane! And just to give...
  6. New to Hollywood!

    New to Hollywood!
      Captain Caveman in store and online now at Hollywood Fancy Dress
  7. Get all eyes on you at Student Ball with Hollywood!

    Get all eyes on you at Student Ball with Hollywood!
    Student Ball is known for being the party of the year for students, giving everybody the chance to dress up as something funny and exciting and rock it out with some huge names in the music industry! Netsky, Jakwob and Feeder are amongst the brilliant names playing this year and we are sure that this night is going to be...
  8. GROWL your way to Summer Ball with these awesome BRAND NEW costumes!

    GROWL your way to Summer Ball with these awesome BRAND NEW costumes!
    Summer Ball is quick approaching and we know you students are always looking for fun costumes to dress up in for the big end of year party! This one is for you girls, and we know you can be fierce so we have the perfect costumes for you to put on! Brand new into store, these animal costumes are sure to...
  9. Prelaunch Promotion at Southampton!

    Rumour has it, the Hollywood Zombies have grown into a bigger pack, and they’re going to attack the new store when it opens on Good Friday! The staff, kitting out the new store in Queensway, Southampton, heard wind of this rumour and ventured into the stock room to grab Lenny, dressed up in some fancy outfits we found, and ventured out into...

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