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Harry Paye Day

  1. Harry Paye Pirate Day 2017

    Harry Paye Pirate Day 2017
    Did you know June the 17th 2017 is Harry Paye Day? An annual event that happens in Poole dedicated to the famous pirate Harry Paye! Who is Harry Paye? 'A good 200 years before the likes of Blackbeard, Captain Flynn, Long John Silver, Charles Vane, etc all of whom are portrayed fantastically in the series ‘Black Sails’ (If you haven’t watched...
  2. Talk Like A Pirate Day!

    Talk Like A Pirate Day!
    Avast! Possibly one of the best and most comical international days has to be Talk Like A Pirate day! We all do it now and then, whether we like to admit it or not, but on September 19th you can say it loud and proud! What’s It All About? Well in 1995 two men with little to no skill in...
  3. Harry Paye Day Is Back!

    Harry Paye Day Is Back!
    Arrrr! It’s that time of year again land lubbers! The Pirates of Poole are taking over the Quay for Harry Paye Day! The Pirates of Poole are a local community group who strive to keep the maritime history of Poole alive and they also hold events to raise money for local charities and causes. In 2006 they began an event...
  4. Hollywood's Poole Grand Opening!

    Hollywood's Poole Grand Opening!
    Hollywood Fancy Dress Are Taking Poole By Storm! The Hollywood family continues to grow and expand as we open a brand new store at the heart of Poole in The Dolphin Centre. Come along and support us at our grand opening on Saturday 29th August from 10am. There will be plenty of goodies up for grabs so don't miss out...
  5. Harry Paye Day 2014!

    Harry Paye Day 2014!
    Harry Paye Day Dust off your pirate hats and don your boots me hearties because on the 21st June Poole Quay will be brimming with pirates from far and wide in celebration of Harry Paye Day! Harry Paye day is an annual celebration held in honour of the renowned Poole pirate, made famous by his raids on French and Spanish...
  6. Everyone Loves Pay Day...Harry Paye Day That is!

    Everyone Loves Pay Day...Harry Paye Day That is!
    Every year Poole Quay celebrate Harry Paye, the most famous swashbuckling resident of the harbour town quay with a ginormous parade of pirates. Everyone descends upon the quay dressed as pirates to witness the event, theres also stalls, activities and a best dressed  competition! So if your stuck for what to do June 15th then pop into Hollywood, Pirate up and...

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