June 6 of 2014 marks the 70s anniversary of the Normandy Landings, also known as “D-Day” or “Operation Neptune”. This was the largest seaborne invasion in history and it was the act that began the invasion of Western Europe by the Allied Troups, which was then under German occupation. This invasion led to the Allied victory in the war.

British WWII Soldier CostumeEvery year, the anniversary of this event is celebrated – but this year marks the 70th anniversary which will be a very significant landmark date. All over the UK, events will be held to commemorate this anniversary and remember those who fought in the war. There will be 1940s themed parties, featuring orchestra performances and dances.

For example, on the Scilly Isles on June 7th there will be a 1940s musical tribute to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings. Rather than celebrating war, which many of the local residents agreed would be insensitive, the celebrations are focussing on the experiences of the people left at home during that time. The party will last a full day and will include music by an Andrews Sisters tribute group called The Three Belles, as well as St. Mary’s Theatre Club and the Scilly Sirens. Attendees will be encouraged to dress in 40s styles and there will be hairdressers on hand to help with styling.

Another D-Day anniversary event will be held at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on April 27th. It will be hosted by Roger Philips from the BBC Radio Merseyside and will include performances by the White Cliffs of Dover Dancers, the Northop Silver Band, the D-Day Celebration Singers and much more. Also, attendees are encouraged to dress in 1940s attire or wear their battle dress and medals.

These are just a couple of examples of the many events that will be held all over the UK to commemorate this important anniversary. If you are interested in attending an event, there is likely to be one in your area so check your local event listings.

Tips for 1940s Fancy Dress

40's Rosie WigMany of the D-Day Anniversary commemorative events encourage guests to attend while wearing 1940s inspired outfits. Luckily, you can find a lot of classy and stylish 1940s Fancy Dress options at Hollywood Fancy Dress – such as a 40s Rosie Wig with spotted headscarf or 1940s style sunglasses.

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind when you are dressing up in 1940s Fancy Dress:

  • Do your research by looking at magazines, films and photographs from the era. When you see a hairstyle you like, you can bring it to your hairdresser and ask them to recreate it.
  • Take a look in vintage clothing stores to find authentic clothing, shoes and accessories from the era.
  • Ladies – don’t forget about the makeup of the era. Face powder was used to match the skin and give it a natural glow and bold red lips were very popular.

Have fun recreating the glamour of the 1940s and attending your local D-Day Anniversary event.