Celebrate year of the Rooster with your friends and family! Saturday the 28th January is officially Chinese New Year. Yes - that means it's time to drag your Dragon decorations out and your Chinese Flags!


Chinese New Year 2017 - Year of the Rooster!!

Are you looking to dress up for Chinese New Year? Well if so now you have an excuse to dress up as a Rooster... or Chicken rather! Since it is Year of the Rooster we now have a Chicken Onesie in-store! These fantastic must-haves are yellow and red and have a zip-up front. It's also ideal for anyone intending not to party but stay at home whilst being comfortable in your own home! Remember to cluck you way into store today for a hilarious Chicken Onesie you simply cannot refuse!


Check out the Culture?

Is this New Year finally the perfect excuse for you to check out some of China's grand culture? Well if that is your intention then look no further! We have accessories that are guaranteed to teleport you to China's oriental landscape without physically leaving the country! A big seller is the lovely Oriental Lady Wig. This pretty wig is a black bob with a braid and chop stick design. If you are looking to fool everyone into believing Chinese is your native country then this wig is simply a must-have!


Spruce the place up - Chinese style?

Are you really after some decorations to create an Oriental atmosphere for the New Year and looking to celebrate in style? If so we have plenty of options for you! From Confetti Cannons to a huge range of Paint Glow Make up and Face Paint! That's right you can recreate China's flag on your face to show your support. We also have Dragon Hats for any lover's of the mythical beast's! When you can't accessorize with a Dragon at Chinese New Year - when can you?

So pop into one of our stores today or go online and grab yourself your Oriental inspired goodies to start the New Year off with a BANG!