Chinese New Year 2018

Happy New Year! It may seem a little later to celebrate the New Year but no party is bigger than Chinese New Year. And this year it's the year of the dog. In ancient Chinese legend, there was a race across a river between 12 animals; a rat, a dragon, a tiger, an ox, a rabbit, a snake, a horse, a ram, a monkey, a rooster, a dog and a pig. Every 12 years, we go through the cycle and the year is named after a specific animal in that race. 2018 is the dog's turn and we'll get your tails wagging with are amazing range at Hollywood.


Year Of The Dog

We have dog costumes to suit all ages, from the excitable puppies to the older dog in you. This cute Dalmatian oneise style outfit is available for both adults and children.

There's a huge range of animal accessories to choose from as well. Our dog accessories include instant kits, latex masks, foam masks, ears and tails. And don't forgot to paint your face doggy style with face paints. This Giant Dog Instant Kit comes with floppy ears and attachable tail, you'd be barking mad not to grab this!

Traditional Chinese

Head on down to Chinatown while you're at it and view our Chinese inspired fancy dress. Beautiful oriental style gowns are available to buy and hire. There's a great range of accessories too, with everything from Coolie hats to facial hair. This life like wig will have all the Geisha's bowing in respect.


End of the night


Start the night off with a bang! Our Castle Lane and Queensway stores sell fireworks all year round and there's hundreds to choose from. The Chinese are famous for their stunning displays and you can achieve that with one of our many barrage boxes. And finish the night with a beautiful memento to the Chinese culture by setting off a Chinese Lantern. They're bio-degradable, wire free and a symbol of hope and good luck.