August is the summer month full of carnivals! For all you south coast locals' check out Christchurch's carnival taking place from Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th August 2017!

Christchurch carnival - what's it about?

Christchurch Carnival is a Community Event that is volunteer run.
It consists of two days worth of family fun including entertainment, a carnival procession
and a firework display.

It's been a success for over 100 years, remarkably!

Is there a theme?

There is no specific theme for the event this year, so anything goes basically! Things that are always a must-have for a carnival are bright colours, feathers and sparkles!

Where do carnivals' actually originate from? Fun fact!

Because Catholics are not supposed to eat meat during Lent, they called their festival, carnevale — which means “to put away the meat.” As time passed, carnivals in Italy became quite famous; and in fact the practice spread to FranceSpain, and all the Catholic countries in Europe.

Can't say it sounds too familiar to our modern day carnival!

Look the part!

So if you are heading to this fantastic event make sure you are dressed for the occasion!

 This lovely mask is glittery, striped with different colours and has attached multi coloured feather plumes on the side.

This lovely pair of Rainbow coloured Feather Wings are perfect for any upcoming carnival. Be bright, bold and funky with these pretty feathered wings! These awesome wings are ideal for any Parrot costume. 60cm x 60cm.

Painting your face has never been so easy with these incredible carnival greasepaint crayons! These brilliant crayons come with six colours which include white, yellow, red, green, blue and black. All the fundamental colours you will need to become a clown for the day! After all who doesn't love their face painted in the Summer at a carnival?

So make sure you head down to Christchurch and party at the carnival this Summer! For more information on the event please click here.