We all know that Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without some terrible festive jokes!  Christmas crackers are a seasonal Christmas crackersstaple and a must at the family dinner table and here is why...

Christmas Crackers

Once you’ve filled up on turkey there is only one thing left to do (while you’re all loosening your buttons to relieve your full tummies) and that is to pull the crackers! After fighting over who will get what toy and who “cheated” by holding too much of the cracker, it’s time to read those oh so terrible jokes. We all know them and it is certainly a love/hate relationship, but regardless they are a Christmas table essential.

Cracker Jokes

So with the colourful paper crowns sliding around on everyone’s heads, it is time to reveal the comedic genius of the Christmas cracker jokes. “What is black, white and red all over?... A sunburnt penguin!”  Oh hah... Haha... Haha. Ok, so they’re not exactly funny, but they are FUN. We mostly laugh because they are so bad that they tickle us and that’s not a bad thing. When something becomes a tradition, it might not be as funny as the year before, but it must be done in order to complete your day. Besides, the cheap toy will be there to take your mind off of the cheesy joke almost immediately. Who doesn’t need a set of teeny tiny screwdrivers or that red piece of film shaped like a fish?!

The greatest thing, however, about Christmas crackers is that they bring everyone together. We all know what to expect when that chemical paper snaps. It doesn’t matter whether you are having an elegant Christmas gathering or a microwave turkey dinner, Christmas crackers will be there to bring the whole household together. So when you’re doing your Christmas shopping this year, make sure Christmas crackers are at the top of your list!