Let the festivities begin with a Bang with some Christmas Fireworks!

Christmas Fireworks time! It's time to celebrate the festive season with fireworks and more fireworks! What better way to mark Christmas Eve or Christmas Night itself with a few colourful displays. Light up the night sky with crackles and glimmers of colour and sparkle. From low budget to expensive displays - we have all to suit your pyromaniac needs!

Rockets are a winner.christmas fireworks

People love rockets - end of. In order for your display to be successful rockets are a must-have. Fancy a big rocket among many? Then our 'Cupid 5 Rocket Selection' is for you! Choose your favourite out of five colours. Guaranteed to impress. Love all things Space inspired? Then try out 'Astro Blaster' - great value for money too!

Barrage galore!

You always need the one big barrage to satisfy the display. Which one of our many will be your show stopper? Well why not start with something small and appropriate for the festive season with 'Angel Dust'. Why not call in the help from the Gods with a Hercules barrage? It's guaranteed to satisfy all mortals and even the immortals. christmas fireworks

Variety is best.

Maybe you would prefer a selection of fireworks? Well a Selection box is what you need. We have many to choose from! Nothing says Christmas time then a 'Family Selection Box' with a variety of different wonders it's impossible to avoid. Missing the Bonfire season? Well throw some Bonfire magic into your Xmas festivities with a Bonfire selection box! With a great selection of different fireworks - how could you resist?

Remember only have fireworks on Bonfire is a myth. Fireworks at Christmas time is a new tradition to be adopted by every household! No family gathering is complete without a Bang!!