ClownsHands up who’s scared of clowns?! With the fear so wide spread and even more people who just simply do not like them, clowns make for the best Halloween costumes. They don’t even have to be gory or twisted, sometimes the more cheerful, the more terrified people are!

Clowns Are Scary!

When you look back at photographs and paintings of vintage clowns, it is not hard to see where the deep rooted fear of these cheerful circus performers came from. Their exaggerated make-up and wild expressions could instil fear into even the bravest of men. While over time the make-up simplified and became much more colourful, that fear of clowns still remained!

Here at Hollywood we have a huge range of clowns available including the most famous of them all, Pennywise form Steven King’s IT! Halloween brings us the most evil and twisted clown costumes imaginable so if you’re looking to scare this year then you’re looking in the right place!

New for 2016 we have sinister clown piggy back costume to make it look like you’re riding on the back of a terrifying joker! Team this fantastic costume with one of our Stabbed in The Back t-shirts and plenty of fake blood for extra gory comic effect. Other new horrific wonders include the Acro-splat clown skin suit featuring wild eyes and lots of blood and also the new Circus Hell Evil Clown costume who is a tattered menace ready to rip and slash his way into town!

Trusty old favourites like Bubbles and Bo Bo will be dropping in for a visit this Halloween too so don’t miss out on snapping up some tried and true clowns to freak out your friends.  You can’t go wrong with the classic bold jumpsuit and terrifying full face mask combination. Add a huge blood splattered cleaver or even a simple balloon to your costume for that extra sinister touch!

For those looking to spread both fear and terror, we have a great selection of fun and bright clown costumes available too. From full on bright and funky clowns to comical instant kits, we have it all right down to the over sized shoes! And why not add a colourful afro wig or a handy make-up kit to complete your clown look? Have the best of both worlds with Kolorful the Killer Clown who is a brightly coloured and highly patterned jester with a thirst for blood!

It’s not just the men that get to have all the fun as we have a huge range of ladies clowns that are fun and fearsome too. From the bright and bold polka dots of the cute clown lady to the blood stained rags of the creepy zombie clown! See our full range in store today... If you dare!