We all have the joker in our group that doesn’t take anything seriously and Halloween is no exception. If you are that friend, then have no fear! Hollywood has you covered with a whole host of comedy Halloween costumes!

Comedy halloween costumes


The classic white ghost costume has brought joy to millions over the years and this year it has had a fantastic re-vamp! Most people opt for cutting some holes in a white sheet, but bed linen is getting expensive and I’m sure your other half (or mum) is getting tired of having to replace them! Check out this hilarious Ghost costume, made to fit your body so no weird bunching this time! It’s so simple that it’s perfect and if you’re on a budget it’s a steal at £14.99!

Cereal Killer

Oh yes, a classic play on words that we all like to use when eating our breakfast has become a comedy Halloween costume! I present you the Cereal Killer! This hilarious costume is a tabard in the shape of a family favourite cereal box; all you need is some fake blood and your weapon of your choosing!

Big Bad Granny Wolf

“My, what big teeth you have!” Now this is a costume that is brilliant all year round. The big bad granny wolf is everything you could hope it would be from theclassic Red Riding hood stories. This costume is a very fetching nightgown with fur cuffs paired with an amazing wolf mask, complete with mop cap. It’s funny, it’s scary and it’s awesome. Complete this look with a basket of severed limbs and other gory props!


This is another costume that shouldn't be saved just for Halloween! This gloriously fluffy bunny costume with a bloodstained tyre track through the middle is perfect for anyone looking to go all out on their costume.  The only thing you need to add to this costume is a little face paint and maybe some extra lashings of fake blood to really take it to the next level!

Zombie Plumber

“Hey! It’sa me Mario!” He’s everybody’s favourite Italian hero (The Punisher doesn’t count) but it seems he has eaten some crazy mushrooms! Now he’s a drooling, brain munching monster with a thirst for flesh! Bowzer better watch his back! This costume is made up of a red shirt, blue dungarees with latex rib piece and a matching tattered hat, all you need is some face paints and you’re away!

Of course, over Halloween, peoples’ sense of humour will dictate what is funny and what is distasteful. We all know the media love to blow Halloween costumes out of proportion, but in reality, that’s what Halloween is all about! If you want to be a zombie terrorist you go right ahead. If that is what you think is scary, make it happen! Take your costumes to the next level, break boundaries and stretch the rules!