So here it comes again and this year it promises to be BIG.  You may be getting involved with your office, school, or mates and are thinking how can something called comic relief be so little fun and such an effort? Well here’s my suggestion, this 15th March get sponsored to come to work/school/university in fancy dress for the entire day, no jumping out of planes required. Not only is it easy and fun for you and everyone around you, but it’s a great ice breaker with the opposite sex, not everyday do you come face to face with a giant teletubby! Being sponsored to wear a costume could mean you raise vital funds for the charities various projects over the UK and Africa, helping those in need dealing with grief, homelessness and malaria. I personally can’t think of a more fun, safer way to raise money.

The best part of using fancy dress is that you can use it again and again! So here’s the countdown of my top five hilarious outfits for this years Comic Relief….

5. It’s a Puzzle… 



A classic that we can all get on board with! It makes scanning so much more fun!






4. Keep off the grass…



All you need to become the master of disguise and of mischief.

For those who want to really turn heads this comic relief!


3. Honey I blew up the fundraising….

Become a cereal fundraiser, the perfect costume to use again and again.

Perhaps the most huggable of our countdown!





2. Can you feel the earn?...



Get everyone motivated into fundraising, a strong number two as nothing says fun like Mr Energiser!




1. Eh Oh!..


What’s not to love about this one?! It’s the only way to Po! Nuff said.






And so that’s my roundup of the best, but there is so much more available on our website I hope I’ve inspired you to start your own fundraising fancy dress project. Whatever you do to raise money, good luck and most importantly, have fun!!