comical HalloweenHalloween doesn’t HAVE to be all about blood, gore and scaring your friends. Laughter is the best medicine after all so why not try one of our comical Halloween costumes this year?

Now, we know not everyone finds the same things humorous and sometimes you end up walking a thin line between funny and offensive. When you see what Hollywood have to offer, it’s hard not to have a little giggle though.

Clown Piggy Back

The Sinister Clown piggy back costume is brand spanking new for 2016 and we are sure it is going to be a hit for Halloween! It’s a hard job being terrifying so why not get your mate to give you a lift? This fantastic get up makes it look as if you are riding on the back of a scary clown and can be teamed with all manner of accessories. Add a Stabbed in the Back t-shirt or one of our creepy new make-up kits to complete your look!

Zombie Lollipop Lady

No one is safe from the zombie apocalypse, not even your sweet little local lollipop lady! This comical Halloween costume is sure to get you noticed at any party with a bright yellow dress, complete with tyre mark and a matching hat. Your costume wouldn’t be complete without a traffic lollipop, so of course, you get one included, but it’s a little more Halloween themed....


Our Sinister Pumpkin costume is sure to get you a laugh or two in the club! This rotund tabard costume has a menacing jack o lantern face printed on the belly and a matching little green hat. You will, no doubt, have everyone flocking for photos with you in this get up! Not only is this costume hilarious and totally unisex, it is also a bargain at the small price of £24.99!

Hockey Player

Sports can be dangerous! Especially when there are brain munching lunatics roaming around! This hilarious Hockey Player Halloween costume is perfect for putting a smile on your friend’s faces. Your blue and yellow top comes complete with a number 13 print and a gory hockey ball latex wound right in the chest! There is also a matching skirt and headband in this one, but why not take your costume to the next level with a zombie make-up kit and plenty of fake blood!

If you’re feeling inspired to try something new this Halloween then make sure you pop in to your nearest branch! We will have everything you need to make your comic Halloween costume a hit!