Dead Famous parties are always popular over Halloween and we’ve lost a lot of heroes this year so you’ll have no problem finding a costume. Pop in to your nearest Hollywood branch to see the range today!

-David Bowie. Earlier this year we lost one of the most truly original artist Britain, or the world has ever know. He was a true inspiration so channel him in your next costume! Ziggy Stardust was one of his most famous alter egos so slip on that glam rock jumpsuit and paint on the lighting bolt!

-Elvis. The king of rock n roll will live on forever so make sure he’s at your party with one of our official Elvis costumes! We have a great range to choose from including some budget numbers for those with tight purse strings. Don’t forget the famous shades and black quiff wig!

-Marilyn Monroe. She stole the hearts of the world and now you can catch everyone’s eye as the platinum starlet. That iconic silky white dress and blonde curls will ensure you’re instantly recognisable at your Dead Famous party!

-Amy Winehouse. The rehab singer was lost to us at a young age, so revive her in our fantastic costume. The oversized beehive wig, fake tattoos and huge wing eyeliner are a must to carry it off!

-Prince. Another singer that we lost this year was Prince. He gave us music that will stay with us for a lifetime so channel him at your party. A purple suit with white ruffles paired with a black curly wig is sure to be recognised as the Purple Rain star!

-Michael Jackson. This controversial superstar was a sensation in life and death so cause a stir at your party! We can kit you out for many of his looking including “Bad” so what are you waiting for?

-Dead FamousFreddie Mercury. A true hero of our time, Freddie Mercury is a man whose legacy will live forever! Transform into the late Queen front man with our We Will Rock You fancy dress costume for your Dead Famous do.

-Steve Irwin. Who could forget the crocodile wrestling wild man, Steve Irwin? Get the look with explorer style beige cargo shorts, matching shirt and hat. Get yourself an inflatable croc to really set your costume off!

Of course, its all well and good dressing as these people, but it is Halloween right? How about (Un)Dead Famous? Add some zombie make-up and crazy eye accessories to bring the gore to your costume! Have a great Halloween everyone!