So who has seen the Deadpool movie in the cinema over Valentine’s weekend? I know I did and I LOVED it! If you want to Deadpoolsee a film that will have you crying with laughter the whole way through then buy your tickets now. It will be showing in all good cinemas so there’s no excuse to miss it!


We’ve seen some glimpses of Deadpool here and there in the X-Men movies and it was about time his story was told. And boy did they give it to you straight! It’s R-Rated, there’s gore and the comical timing will have you howling. What more could you ask for from the most controversial hero/anti-hero in the Marvel universe? Ryan Reynolds had been waiting for 11 years to make this movie and his enthusiasm certainly shines through. The advertising alone has been a huge hit with the pubic with funny Valentines style images with Deadpool sprawled on a fur rug in front of an open fire and making hearts with his hands. In an interview Reynolds claimed that he stole the Deadpool suit by walking off set still dressed in it. We don’t blame you Ryan!

The story of Wade Wilson may be sassy, sexy and sarcastic, but that doesn’t distract from just how dark and horrific it can be. DeadpoolA former Special Service operative turned mercenary has his life turned upside down by the news that he has terminal cancer. In a bid to put it back the right way up he undergoes a series of horrific rogue experiments that don’t go as expected... for him anyway! Armed with new superhuman abilities and his twisted sense of humour he sets out the find the people who nearly destroyed his life! But Deadpool is more than just a badass tale of vengeance, there’s a girl (isn’t there always?), but will she accept the new Wade Wilson? There’s only one way to find out!+

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