Fireworks are used throughout the year these days to give events, parties and celebrations a great big bang. They tend to be part of the finale or climax and because of building anticipation and expectations modern fireworks can pack a serious punch. There is something seriously exhilarating about watching a pitch black night sky and waiting for the light show to commencer.








November 5th has landed on a Wednesday this year so you have an excuse for a fireworks bash on the weekend before and after that date. The only problem is which fireworks you choose. You don’t want to risk picking duds when there is so much you can get for your money these days.
Hollywoods shops stock a huge range of fireworks for sale all year round that include all types of fireworks such as rockets, single ignition barrages, multiple shot barrages, cake barrages, rocket packs, barrage packs, fountains, mines, sparklers, roman candles and even sky lanterns!

There are three main areas to consider when buying fireworks:

You can buy small rockets or heart stoppingly loud big rockets. For a Guy Fawkes night aimed at children you may want a small bang. For an adult bash you will need to deliver a large boom. Rockets can deliver a single bang and display or multiple ones at once.

The relatively new way of delivering firework magic in bulk. Just ignite once and see a string of explosions, light displays and a variety of effects. You can buy anything from a 16 shot to 4000 shot barrage these days – combine more than one even! It takes all the fuss out of the evening so you don’t have to walk backwards and forwards lighting individual fireworks. You can literally buy a stunning display in a box.

Selection Boxes
Get the most varied display you possibly you can by purchasing a selection box. Lots of different effects to keep your audience wowed and eager for more. It takes all the pain out of deciding which you prefer and gives you a random array of colour and noise to unleash.

That is really all you need to know about the buying of Fireworks. What you need now is to see them in action! So, here are some pics and vids of different varieties to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Don’t forget to throw in some sparklers – it’s just not a Fireworks party without sparklers.


3" Hardball Shell rocket firework is part of the shell rocket family from Absolute Fireworks that brings display quality effects to your back garden, it is packed with outstanding jaw dropping effects.



This fantastic Klondyke barrage firework pack of 4 is ideal for anyone looking to host a real party! This brilliant barrage pack brings full on display quality effects to consumers in a pack which is suitable for easy and normal storage. It contains 100 shot, 50 shot and X2, 25 shot cakes, they have a mix of vivid colours and effects.



Showcase 49 Shot Single Ignition Firework Barrage is like the name suggests, really does highlight what can be done with a back garden firework. A stunning finale piece or just wanting one firework that will get everyone talking then this is the one. One of the best fan shaped fireworks on the market with quality effects such as red tip brocade, crown with green glitter, gold glitter and dragon eggs.

The God Father

The God Father

It would be a crime to not see The God Father 3 barrage 188 shot Firework Display Kit that can be fired separately or joined together to make one almighty legendary gangster style firework events. High noise but well worth every bang, boom and all 3 minutes of action.

Black Widow


Black Widow rocket firework pack of 2. These monstrous rockets pack a real punch and each rocket has a different effect so will be sure to mesmerise everyone at your garden party.



Manta 42 shot single ignition barrage firework that is superb for a garden party with effects and pace to dazzle all friends and family when it goes straight up and bangs with purple and silver glitter, brilliant lemon coloured stars and gold willow. A real superb firework to enjoy.

Super Bomb

super bomb

25 Shot Super Bomb Firework that may be a smaller barrage than some, but is high noise that will have you exploding wanting more with its fabulous effects it packs a lotta punch for a single ignition firework.

All Fireworks have to be collected in store but our website gives you option of clicking before you collect. You can also browse to your heart’s content and make sure you craft the most action packed fireworks display in your neighbourhood. Get buying now to avoid disappointment as some of our most popular lines start to sell out!