By now, you must know that we here at Hollywood love giving you a good deal, and today we’re not going to disappoint! Hundreds of ex-hire costumes that were being put up for sale at our Castle Lane store have been moved to our Bournemouth Town Centre store in Post Office Road! Perfect for you students to grab your last minute costumes for Student Ball! These amazing quality costumes are an unbelievable price, and we have everything from Batman to Santa! Starting from a staggering £5, these costumes can be mixed and matched, paired up or be strong on their own, and we think you should come and take a look at these amazing sale items! Ideal for those of you who couldn’t get down to the Castle Lane store, now we’ve got these costumes over at your local Hollywood store!! Right in the heart of your local town centre, we’re giving you the opportunity not only to look incredible, but to do it at a low price! Lots of fun and lots of choice! Come and take a look at this selection! Visit our Post Office Road store now!!

[caption id="attachment_85" align="alignnone" width="584" caption="At Post Office Road Bournemouth Town Centre!"]fancy dress ex-hire sale at Hollywood party centre bournemouth[/caption]