Know your gnashers! Fangs are a staple Halloween accessory for a whole host of costumes so it’s important to get the right ones for you!

Full Set

If you ever went trick or treating as a kid you will know all about the plastic full set fangs. Quite often these will come in a set with fake blood. These are a little plastic mouth piece that you fold in half and place over your own teeth to give the illusion of fangs. If you’re after something cheap and easy, these will serve you well; just don’t expect to be able to talk too much with them in. These tend to be better for kids as swallowing them is pretty much impossible.

Gum Shield

Gum shield fangs tend to be made out of a soft plastic for a more comfortable wear. They sit over your own teeth and are held down by your lips, fang adhesive can be added for a better hold. These are best for adults as they are usually larger and wider.

Tooth Caps

The popularity of tooth caps has soared in the last couple of years. They are small individual fangs that sit on your canine teeth for a more realistic vampire look. They are much easier to talk with as they take up much less room in your mouth. Most sets will come with an adhesive, but if not you will need some to ensure they stick to your teeth, you certainly wouldn’t want to swallow one!

Scarecrow Fangs

Now if you’re looking for the best fangs, Scarecrow is the only name you need! There is a whole range of different styles of fangs available from this brand and they are all stunning and professional quality! You only ever have to set the adhesive once and your fangs will forever be set to fit your teeth precisely.

*Classic: As the name suggests, these are the original fangs. Natural off-white in colour and approximately 2cm in length, these are the perfect unisex fangs for a realistic vampire look. These are also available with a blood tip design.

*Love Bite: Our most popular set of fangs so to the size and ease of wear. They are smaller than classic fangs so sit in your mouth very comfortably. Talking and drinking while wearing fangs has never been easier! These are also available in glow in the dark!

*Saber: These are monster sized fangs! At approximately 1 inch in length, these are certainly high impact. If you are looking to scare, these are the fangs for you.Fangs

*Spiral: Why not try something a little different? These fantastic looking fangs are similar in size and shape to the classic fangs, but with an interesting twist!