Father's Day is fast approaching! What will you be spoiling your dad with? Sunday the 18th of June 2017 is of course the date!


Make dad's day special with a few joke goodies from Hollywood Fancy Dress!

Father's day - perfect for pranking dad!

Why not put a whoopee cushion under your pa's favourite chair! This classic prank never get's old! It was invented in the 1920s so it's safe to say your father and even grandfather had great fun with this prank himself when he was a child!

This brilliant pink fart cushion is of the best quality and fun and easy to prank unsuspecting dad's with! Trick everyone with this awesome joke!


Now you don't have to do the same old fart cushion trick! No matter how much dad's love it for some it may be a little stale... which is why being a little cheeky is the in thing of our generation! Which is why an Inflatable Zimmer Frame is such a good idea! Not only do you slyly hint at their age but you can do it in a 'we care if your legs are too old to carry you nowadays' kind of way.


This walking frame is easy to assemble and inflate for an effective look and is silver. It's a must-have for any OAP, Granny and Grandpa costumes! So yes - you are calling your dad old! I bet gramps will love it!

Now it's not all about taking the mick out of Daddy dearest! Why not have a bit of fun with him? Who doesn't love a Spud Gun? This fantastic Spud Gun is ideal for anyone looking to have some good ol' fashion fun! This brilliant gun is red and black and it can fire potato pieces and rubber pellets. It also includes a target.


Take it in turns and see who the better shooter is!

Perhaps your dad had an iconic hero growing up? Well I know a lot of Father's our fans of the Beatles! So maybe he John Lennon was one of his heroes? If that is the case then this next idea is the perfect option for you!


These classic round specs are perfect to get you looking like a hippy, or the Beatles, or anyone you want! They come in assorted colours so just pick your dad's favourite shade!

And lastly... because we all know some Dad's love to be sophisticated and fancy themselves as Sherlock Holmes... the Benedict Cumberbatch kind.


This Fake Plastic Smoking Pipe will make you look like the stylish cool dad!

So make sure you choose dad's joke prezzie wisely this year!

Happy Father's Day to all!