Father's dayDads. They are the heroes that don't wear capes (At least not all the time), but they are always watching out for you. This Father's Day, take a minute to appreciate all of those tough times that daddy got you through.

The modern day father has a lot to contend with now that toddlers know how to use iPhones and everyone loves dressing up (Sorry!), but there are plenty who take this all in their stride! Dad's are a girls first love and a boys first hero so always remember to set good examples for them. Nowadays that includes dressing as princesses with them, so good luck with that!

Father's Day

On Sunday 19th June let your father know just how much you love him with some reminders of just what a great kid he's raised. For one day of the year, let dad have the Sunday off. No using him as a taxi, no scrounging for money and absolutely no temper tantrums when he doesn't let you win at football! Treat him to a game of his favourite sport or take him on a fishing trip. Give him a break from gardening and cook him up a roast dinner. The weather is getting warmer so why not host a family BBQ in his honour, we all love a good barbie!...

If you need proof that dad's are real super heroes then check out this video of the best close call saves you've ever seen! These men truly deserve medals.

No matter what you decide to do or to give this Father's Day, make sure to say "Thank You" to your dad. You will always be his pride and joy so make sure you are a son or daughter to be proud of all year round.