We see many festivals throughout the year and they’re always so much fun. This unique festival is no exception; you are in for some pretty amazing stuff! We’re looking at a day of the dead theme going on and boy, it looks like an amazing fiesta!

They have dancers, they have acrobats, and they have unique costumes. Not to mention they have giant skeletons watching over everyone. DJ’S and live music, it’s got it all. It sounds amazing and it’s definitely one not to miss.


What to wear to the festival?

Stuck with what to wear? Not to worry, Hollywood to the rescue once again! We have plenty to go along with the theme to help make this a day to remember for yourself and your friends.

Let’s have a look at what we have!


If you’re going for a sophisticated look, then this suit and dress are right up your alley! Our Stand-Out suits have always received good feedback and haven’t let anyone down to date! Perfect for your evening.

This zip up bodysuit is another way to go for ladies. The bright colours and skull faces scream day of the dead. Another cool thing with this one is that you’re able to add either make- up or even a mask to complete the look. For example;


You can colour your face to the traditional day of the dead colours, or;


You can light up the dark with these beautiful neon UV paints, bringing the look to life!

Not a fan of face paints? I know some people aren’t but don’t worry because we have PLENTY of masks suitable for you.


Covering your whole face with a beautiful veil to trail over your shoulders, these masks add mystery as it does style!

Here is another purrfect mask for you! I imagine there will be drinks going around so you don’t need to fiddle with your mask for this one!

These are just some of many, so if you are planning on going this November (10th), make sure you’re prepared!

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