Yes, you heard us, fireworks! One of the most enjoyable celebration methods the human race has. Who doesn’t love ooh and aah at the pretty lights as they blast into the sky?


What exactly IS a firework?

Fireworks take many forms to produce the four primary effects: noise, light, smoke, and floating materials, used for entertainment purposes. They come in various shapes and sizes and each give their own unique display. This is why we admire them so much!

The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China, (Yes a very long time!) back when they were first invented. They were initially used by the Chinese to keep away evil spirits, but I think it’s safe to say we’re long past that phase.

What fireworks are there?

I could sit here literally all day and list the many different ones there are that you can get, but instead I’m just going to give you a brief sample of the ones we have here at Hollywood.

If you’re a barrage type of person then this kind of firework is the one for you!


Monkey Mayhem, that’s exactly the name you want to hear when thinking about a firework. When you are looking for a barrage you want a bit of mayhem just to spice up your evening.


Welcome to the Jungle is another amazing barrage, it is a 36 multi-shot barrage firework and is guaranteed to add fun and colour to any party!


Showdown, just by the name you know it’s going to be an amazing barrage set. It is an 83 multi-shot barrage firework and it doesn’t disappoint great at any firework event.

The lists of barrages are in fact endless like I mentioned before, but they are all fantastic.

Now for you rocket lovers out there, let’s have a look at what we have here for you.


Star Chaser does exactly what it says on the tin, red stars, green stars, white stars, blue and crackling stars, purple and green stars, so many star styled rockets to entertain the family!


Black Widow firework is a pack of 2 rockets but they are amazing! Both with a different effect so don’t miss out on both!

So many fantastic fireworks here at Hollywood, perfect for any event, so pop on down and see what we have! We’ll help you light up the sky.