See the New Year in the right way! Fireworks are perfect for just about any occasion, but what better excuse than New Year? mixed_fireworksHere at Hollywood we have a huge array of fireworks to choose from so be sure to pay us a visit!

Fireworks From Hollywood

As some of you may know, you can buy fireworks from Hollywood all year round at both our Castle Lane, Bournemouth branch and our Queens Way, Southampton branch. Especially for New Year you can now purchase them from out Bournemouth town centre branch too from 26th-31st December! When you come to Hollywood for fireworks, not only do you have a huge selection of top brand fireworks to choose from, you’ll also get advice from people that know what they do. We’ve all seen fireworks, but how many people know what each type does, or even the names of the different types that are available? Knowledge is the key when putting together a good display so spending a little time on our website could be the most fun educational experience you’ve ever had!

Let’s Talk Fireworks!Fireworks

Barrages or cakes, as they are also known, are single light fireworks. Once they are lit they will let off multiple shots and if you go for a bigger barrage this can be the main feature of your display. Liquid gold is one of our new barrages for this year and certainly an impressive one to consider for large firework parties!

Rockets are a must for any firework display, big or small! They may not give you a lengthy show, but they are great for letting off right at the end to finish your party in style. We have some spectacular new rockets for you this year like Heroes and Villains, a pack of 2 big rockets shaped like superheroes, every man child’s dream!

Selection boxes are perfect for beginners and experts alike. If you have a small garden then these 5000_heroes_villains_rocketscan be ideal as you get a little bit of everything, but nothing too powerful that it will blow your neighbours windows! A good rule of thumb here is, the bigger the box, the more get so picking the right one is easy.

If you are in need of some good fireworks to fill the time between your larger fireworks then you should consider

The Right Fireworks For You!

No matter what your budget or your space limits, you can throw a great firework party for all the family. We have roman candles from as little as £1.99, selection boxes from £6.99 and barrages from only £3.99! If you’re looking for display quality then don’t be fooled, we have a stunning range of high end, display worthy fireworks to choose from too! We have rockets that will make the windows shake and barrages that will be seen for miles.6009_celebration_box

If you are having a garden display then space can be a restricting factor, but don’t let that disappoint you! You can get some really great selection boxes and fountain fireworks perfect for small parties. As a general rule, these fireworks will require a minimum 5-8 metres between the firework and the spectators. If you have a large space available to you, fantastic! Most of the larger barrages and rockets suggest a minimum of 25 metres between the fireworks and spectators so be sure to do a pace tests. You will have a huge range of fireworks available to you at this range so you’ll be spoiled for choice! Don't forget the sparklers too for the kids.. And the big kids! And of course, as with any firework display don’t ever sacrifice safety for spectacle.