So you are planning a hen party before your big day? Why not get a little bit silly and wear a Fancy Dress costume? Getting dressed up for your hen party can be a lot of fun and will bring you and your girlfriends plenty of laughs.

However, you don’t want to get dressed up in the same old boring fancy dress costumes. There have been a million nurses, Playboy bunnies and French maids on hen parties, so why not wear something more creative and interesting? If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some fun fancy dress ideas:

Safari Animals

SM-40092 Fever Flamingo Tutu DressA fun idea is to dress in a range of different animal fancy dress, in order to represent the creatures that you would see on a wilderness safari. For example, you could dress like zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards, parrots and other animals.

This is a fun theme that really works well and makes for great photographs. Why not find a jungle-themed bar or restaurant where you can have a few drinks?


SM-20116 Egyptian Lady CostumeThis is another fun and exotic theme for a fancy dress hen party – you can evoke the glamour of ancient Egypt. Perhaps you can channel the elegance of Cleopatra, or even dress as a sexy mummy?

An Egyptian theme is perfect for the summer months, because you will be able to show off a little skin in beautiful long flowing Egyptian style maxi-dresses.

This theme also allows you to invest time in your makeup and hair, creating elegant braided updos and thick cat-eye makeup.

Harry Potter

If the bride is a Harry Potter geek, she will have a lot of fun at a Harry Potter themed hen party. Perhaps all of her friends might not be into Harry Potter, but the hen party is all about the bride, so they will likely humour her by dressing up like wizards for a night.

This theme might appeal to you if you don’t want to wear revealing clothing – as many of the Harry Potter wizard costumes are quite conservative. Perhaps the mother in law will be there and you don’t want to flash too much skin and make a bad impression?

Peter Pan

Everyone remembers this childhood classic, so dressing up in a Peter Pan theme can be a fun and nostalgic option for your hen party. You can all dress up as different characters such as Peter, Captain Hook and Wendy – or you could all dress as Tinkerbell. Let’s face it, most girls want to dress up as a sparkly fairy – so why not go with it? There are plenty of great Tinkerbell fancy dress costumes out there to choose from that would be perfect.

These are just a few fun and creative ideas to consider when you are dressing up for a fancy dress hen party. However, the most important part is not what you wear – but the people you are with and the fun memories that you make.