We all like a good laugh at Christmas time; it is what brings the whole family together. From the teasing about eating the sprouts to the cheesy jokes in the Christmas crackers, we laugh in good spirit and that’s what makes it the most wonderful time of year. No matter what friend or family member you’re buying for, there is always room for a bit of tactical humour. Fill their stockings with funny festive tricks and treats to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Do you know someone who likes to get on the wrong side of the law or often gets mistaken for some that does? We have the perfect present for them! How about a Joke ASBO that you can issue to them personally? This hilarious novelty item looks official with its seals and stamps; that is until you begin reading. There are different “offenses” to choose from too ranging from having awful taste in music to always being late!sm-27609-penguin-party-poncho-costume stocking

If your recipient loves the great outdoors then we have just the thing for them! One of our fantastic waterproof party ponchos will put a smile on anyone’s face. With a huge range of designs to choose from you’re sure to find something to suit that festival goer in your life. We have zebras, leopards, giraffes and tigers. There are cows, ducks, frogs and parrots too. We even have one shaped like a flower!  Do they love or hate a particular animal? Did they have a bad experience at a farm? They need one of these!

Are you more of a prankster? We have a whole range of jokes and tricks to terrorise your family with this festive season. The classic whoopee cushion on grandma’s chair gets us every time! Why not pop a joke scratch card in everyone’s Christmas card and watch your family rejoice as they see they’ve won a million... or not!

If you’re buying for someone with a sweet tooth we have some terrible tasting treats to surprise them with. They may look like yummy boiled sweets but these sugary confections pack a punch! Some hot pepper sweets will light a festive fire in your mouth, while fishy sweets will just leave a bad taste. There are blood sweets for the ultimate scare and garlic sweets to put a stop to anyone smooching under the mistletoe! If you’ve got a potty mouth, you better watch out, because you might find some strawberry soap sweets in your stocking this year!

Do you often tease you parents about their age, or even your partner? Do you delight in reminding them about that one grey hair that’s coming through? Well why not take it one step further and surprise them with a novelty walking stick? We have it all from inflatable zimmer frames to the ‘dirty old man walking stick’ which comes complete with mirror for checking up the ladies’ skirts *Oh I say!* But you don’t have to stop there, oh no! We have little half hr-e0011-quadbong-4-way-beer-bong_5 stockingmoon glasses, false teeth and even wigs so you can really complete the look!

For the party guys and girls in your life we have a great range of shot glasses and drinking games to choose from. If they like to get creative we have jelly shot kits containing a mould for the jellies and a recipe book to make some delicious alcoholic treats. For those that like to make drinking a challenge we have beer bongs in all shapes and sizes from single tubes all the way up to 4 split tubes! If you’re feeling particularly generous you can really treat them with Bongzilla; a pole mounted beer bong with 6 tubes that can hold an entire crate of beer!

There really is something here for everyone at Hollywood so don’t forget to drop by while you’re Christmas shopping this year! With novelty gifts from as little as 49p and a whole range of costume for under £10, you’re sure to find that perfect little thing to put a smile on everyone’s faces this Christmas.