Get ready for Halloween 2018 with Horror Movies!

So let's be honest, besides the candy - Horror Movies are the best thing about Halloween! What better to dress up as then a Horror Movie Villain on villainous!

pennywise it 2017 GIF

So what do we have to offer?

First up, we couldn't not include the terrifying clown that has given everyone coulrophobia, Pennywise from Stephen King's IT of course!

Capture every last detail of scary clown Pennywise with this Grand Heritage Edition. This fantastic outfit comes complete with a Ruffled tunic, trousers with ruffle and overhead mask with faux hair. This fabulous outfit is of deluxe quality and people will actually think you've stepped out of the TV!

Pennywise - Horror Movies

Who's the latest terrifying apparition to come out of Hollywood? That would be the Nun of course, before there was The Conjuring, there was the Nun...

If you belong to an order with an unholy secret, this is your invitation to be demonic and go… out of order! This terrifying outfit comes complete with a Black and White Habit and Latex Mask to finish off the look. A must-have for Halloween!

The Nun -Horror Movies

Here's Johnny!! Why not be one of the most fearsome twins in history? There's something very unnerving about the Grady Twins from The Shining! This scary Bloody Murderous Twin Costume comes complete with Iconic blue dress with bow detail, blood stained socks and headband.

The Shining - Horror Movies

Don't watch the tape!! She will only give you 7 days to live if you do... I'm talking about Samara from The Ring of course! This scary outfit comes complete with a Grey Decayed Dress and Long Black Wig. This creepy outfit is of course inspired by The Ring franchise! Now you can be Samara Morgan!

The Ring - Horror Movies

Let's finish this blog off with the scariest haunted and possessed doll known to man! This horrific outfit comes complete with a floor length, white and red dress, plastic mask with scary doll face print and a blonde, plaited wig to finish off the look.

Annabelle - Horror Movies

What's left? Pop into Hollywood Fancy Dress now or go online and get your Halloween outfit now before we sell out of your favourite Anti-Hero!