Great Dorset Steam Fair 2018

Got anything planned August bank holiday weekend? Why not take yourself down to the Village of Tarrant Hilton for a weekend of fun! From 23rd -27th August you can go full steam ahead and enjoy everything the fair has to offer from vintage cars to mind blowing attractions. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary and they are defiantly going out with a bang, with an amazing 500 steam engines attending this year’s event!

steam GIF

How Hollywood can help you!

Like looking the part or like making a statement? Why not go in style and gear it up with gorgeous steampunk costume.

Steam Fair - Steampunk Lady Costume

It's the perfect costume for a vintage or futuristic fair! This stunning outfit comes with a red and brown dress with white lace time and a buckle corset design.

Or haul yourself around with this steam-looker hat.

Steam Fair - Steampunk Hat

This is a deluxe black and grey hat with a line pattern comes with detachable goggles, so you can wear them if you wish.

Get geared up and show everyone how you work it with this deluxe make-up kit.

Steam Fair - Steampunk Makeup Kit

This make up kits comes with make-up, brush, liquid latex, and sponge and 3D appliances. No glue needed! So get creative and get your clogs moving!

Are you camping?

As you may or may not know, you can actually camp out at the Dorset Steam fair. So if you’re thinking about staying the weekend, why not stop in to Hollywood on your way and grab these family fun games to enjoy!

Why not try out this plastic bowling set! Perfect for all the family and hours of fun…

Steam Fair - Bowling

Includes 6 brightly coloured skittles and 2 bowling balls.

Or get your mind turning with these giant dominoes.

Steam Fair - Dominoes

Comes complete with 28 foam dominoes.

These are just a small selection of the games and fun accessories we have to offer. From giant box games to water balloons or fun snaps, we have something for everyone. If you like the look of anything we have to offer don’t forget to pop in to your local Hollywood store now… We look forward to seeing you!