Halloween is only 5 days away now and hasn't it crept up on us fast!! Make sure to be ready with a costume, a little bit of blood and maybe a scabby scar! You can get absolutely anything you can think of for Halloween from our stores so make sure you head in today, if not soon to get your Halloween bits and bobs!


For those wanting to zombify themselves this Halloween! We've got zombie dwarfs, zombie plumber, zombie cheerleaders, zombie high priests, ladies zombie cop, zombie Alice in Wonderland, zombie dentists, zombie nurses and soooo many more!  Looking to go and scare some people? What better way than looking like a scarecrow? This Arkham Asylum Scarecrow costume is great for just that! Love Downton Abbey How about styling yourself to be a Elsa Ghost maid this Halloween? Look great and play a character of your TV Programme! We've got amazing masks for this Halloween, including gruesome ones, funny ones, horror film ones, and our favourite, the Hellraiser pinhead mask! For the kids, we've got scary skeleton costumes and a lovely hello kitty star skeleton one for the girls! For the ladies looking to dress to impress, we've got some great Fever skeleton tutu costumes or fever Miss Whiplash skeleton costumes below! Add some blood stained stockings and your outfit will be complete!!

If you love the Day of the Dead festival, then be sure to make a tribute in either a ladies, mens or teens costume this Halloween!

These are only a taster of the amazing costumes and variety of products we have currently available! So make sure to pop into one of our stores and get Halloween ready!

Remember, Halloween... don't think, just follow your dreams and go to Hollywood Fancy Dress today!