Halloween Decorations and Props - Now In-store to view!

The weathers getting cooler and the days are getting darker; Halloween is near and Hollywood have the decorations you’re after

Thinking about Halloween already? Want to create the spookiest horror house? We have just what you need! We pride ourselves with an outstanding range of spectacular Halloween props and decorations that will give anyone the fright of their life.

haunted house halloween GIF

What's In-store?

Create terror with this 6ft zombie clown prop! This life sized motion activated psycho clown prop is ideal for any haunted house.  With a yellow and red jumpsuit and a horrifying look in his eye, I would keep out his way or he may take you by surprise.

Clown Prop - Decorations

Spice up your party with this flashing light up inflatable pumpkin! Standing at 3m tall it’s defiantly a must have! And just to spice it up a bit more this product is on sale NOW!

Pumpkin Prop - Decoration

Create the mood with these chilling hanging bat decorations. You can hang these little horrors anywhere you choose and can position them many different ways. You can get these in two lengths 72” and 40”.

Hanging Bat - Decorations

Lurk through the gaps intrigue people in with these awesome haunted wooden effect window boards.

Window Boards - Decorations

Ever feel like someone is watching you? Well with these spooky eye lawn bags you will feel just that. Just place your rubbish in them and leave them outside and let them take guard. They come in four assorted designs.

Lawn Bag - Decorations

Turn your house into a trap with this barbed wire! It a must have decoration to create the perfect haunted house.

Barbed Wire - Decorations

Food Time!

Hosting a party? Feeling hungry? Horrify your guest with this superb horror table food court! Create a gruesome feast perfect for any creature.

Food Court - Decorations

For all you skull lovers out there, impress your visitors with this giant skull prop! It has light up eyes and superb sound effects. You won’t find any head bigger!

Giant Skull - Decorations

Hang these mysterious caged ghosts around your house for a full on supernatural effect. These hanging props have sound and movement with light up eyes! These will leave all your guests distressed after coming face to face with one of those!

Caged Ghosts - Decoration

And finally I can’t forget the monstrous pestilence! He is a life sized animated prop with a smoldering skeleton face and black raggy dress with cobweb drab! He is the all-time must have at Hollywood! If you like the look of him he is available in all of our stores.

Pestilence - Decoration

This only the start of some on the unbelievable products we have in-store. If you are fascinated by what you see get down to your local Hollywood store now while stock last! We have it all out and ready for you to snatch up!


Just to keep up the excitement we also have brand new high quality Halloween costumes and masks available in store now. We have products to suit everyone! You will not be disappointed with the mind-blowing range that we have to offer.

We are Hollywood and we are to guarantee you have everything you need to host an outstanding party!