So it is now October and Halloween is drawing close. Have you got all of your Halloween essentials sorted? If the answer is anything other than “Yes” then you need to take a trip to your nearest Hollywood branch stat!

Fake BloodHalloween essenitals

An absolute must for any Halloween costume is fake blood, where it’s to complete a make-up look, cover your costume or drench your friends! There are plenty of options when it comes to blood so you will be spoilt for choice. You have standard vampire blood for the odd drips here and there, gel blood for an oozing effect and even scab blood for gory wounds! For clothing we have specialised blood spray, designed for use on textiles, so no more trying to flick it on your costume out of a tube (we’ve all been there). If you’re after something a little more exciting, we even have UV fake blood… Yes, you can now have fake blood that will glow under the club lights, they really do think of everything!


Now fangs are not just for vampires, they are a versatile Halloween staple. Vampires will absolutely need a pair of funky fangs to complete their costumes, but what about if you’re dressing as a daemon? There are no strict rules when it comes to costumes, so feel free to mix it up! How about jazzing up that boring cat costume with some stand out gnashers? Whether you’re looking for high quality Scarecrow tooth caps or just a simple fang gum shield, we have you covered.

Spider Webs

You’re having a Halloween party, but haven’t put up the cobwebs? Shame on you! Come and grab yourself some spooky spider webs now. They are as cheap as 49p so there’s no excuse this year! We’ve got it all from white fibre webs to huge black cord weave webs with hairy spiders. There are even colourful ones and black light reactive ones too! What more could you want?

Liquid Latex

This stuff is like gold dust and should definitely be on your list of  Halloween essentials. If you’re planning on doing zombie make-up, then you need to come and get some liquid latex right now! Whether you just need a small pot to scab up your face or a full pint to go full body or share with your friends. Many of our zombie face paint kits will include liquid latex so keep your eyes (and skin) peeled.

White Face Paint

Just about every Halloween costume will require some white face paint to complete your look. Vampire? White face paint. Ghost? White face paint. Zombie? You guessed it, white face paint! From pots of face and body paint to individual white crayons, Hollywood has you covered this Halloween! We even have UV face and body paint available so don't miss out.

Eye Accessories

Take any Halloween costume to the next level with the most high impact Halloween essential; eye accessories! Hollywood stocks a breathtaking range of coloured eye accessories to really make you stand out. Designs range from natural hues to bold, solid colours. We stock single use, 90 day and 12 month use eye accessories so you can decide how long you want to use them for. Solution kits are also available so don’t forget to pick some up to clean your accessories after every use. Remember, these eye accessories do not alter you vision so if you use glasses or contact lenses do consult your optician!

Halloween Essentials

So now that you’ve picked up everything you need to have a great Halloween, get out there and party! Invite all of your friends over or head out and support your local club scene. There will be plenty to see and do in Bournemouth this year so don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for events near you!