We're Not Going Out!

Staying in is the new going out when it comes to partying and with Halloween fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to have an epic Halloween house party! So don your scariest attire, get the pumpkin carving kit at the ready and crank "Thriller" up to 11!


For those of you lucky enough to have a garden, it is the ideal setting for the perfect Halloween party. Here are some quick and easy tips to get it DEAD ON!

-Get a big bonfire roaring for cheap and effective heating and a beautiful centre piece

-Carve out some pumpkins to use as spooky lighting for those dark corners

-Stretch some synthetic spider webs across fences, over hedges and up into trees to give the whole garden a creepy feel

-Create a graveyard area with some polystyrene tombstones and some awesome skeleton arm stakes to make it look like the dead are trying to escape!

-To really light up your party why not go for some fireworks, they can bring excitement to kids of all ages and make any event memorable


If you don’t have a garden, or simply don’t want to brave the cold then kit out your house with the scariest decorations!

-Dry ice machines are perfect for Halloween to make any area feel eerie and besides, who doesn’t love them?

-Give your house a statement entrance with some bloody hand print window stickers on your door and beware signs on the fences to warn people that your party is going to be amazing!

-For an effortless scare, greet your guests with motion activated creepers to make them jump, it is more effective than a doorbell and will get rid of any party poopers instantly!

-Hang creepy cloths or webs in doorways and windows to make the theme flow throughout the whole house


All good hosts feed their party guests so it would be rude not to serve up some ghoulish treats for them to devour!

-Jelly is a cheap and easy dessert that is ideal for Halloween as you can have any colour and any shape. Why not go for a brain jelly mould and add some gummy worms or eyeballs to make it extra gruesome!

-Make little ghosts out of meringue by shaping the mixture into swirls and adding little black fondant features like eyes

-Turn devilled eggs into eyeballs by adding food colouring or even half an olive to the centre

-Make some cute gingerbread men and then ice them as voodoo dolls for a terrifying treat

-To add a little fright to your food table why not drape with a bloodstain tablecloth and add in a few little plastic spiders of fake severed fingers


Of course, you can’t host a Halloween party without having the best costume of the bunch! Visit Hollywood for the most spooktacular fancyMoricia dress.

-For the most sophisticated hosts, why not embody the classiest Halloween couple in history, Morticia and Gomez from the Addams Family.

-If it’s a more laid back affair, go for one of our many gruesome zombie costumes, we even have couple costumes like the Walking Dead nurses and doctors!

-If you want something truly high quality to shock your guests the be sure to check out Hollywood’s stunning hire range