Halloween is not all about the costumes, most of the magic happens when you break out the make-up and face paints! If you’re looking for new and exciting ideas to take your Halloween costume to the next level, then look no further! Check out our extensive range of Halloween make up kits.

Day Of The Dead

New for this year we have a whole host of Day of the Dead make-up kits available. Consisting of black, red and white face paints and black detail pencils, you can really run wild with your designs. If you want to get creative try some rose details and decorative spider webs to make your make-up unique. If you’re not such a dab hand with face paint, then definitely go for the Smiffy’s Day of the Dead make-up kit which has handy little stick on designs!


Similar to the Day of the Dead kits, these mostly consist of black, white and red face paints. Most of these kits will also contain fake blood and some will even have the teeth in too! Go for the classic vampire look with a white base, black to darken around the eyes and red for the lips or extra blood details. If you’re looking for a kit that has everything you need, why not try the Palmers Vampiress make-up kit complete with long black nails!


So you’ve got your devil costume sorted, but it needs that extra something… Horns! And not just a little headband, you want something a little more realistic. You need one of our devil make-up kits complete with latex, stick on horns. Put on an all over red base or just detailing if you want a more subtle look, now apply your liquid latex to your horns and place in the desired spot on your forehead. Voila, a devil with horns growing straight through the skin!

ZipperHalloween make-up kits

The zipper make-up kit is a relatively new trend that has become very popular in the last year or two, so much so that you can get variations on the original! When these first emerged, the kit consisted of one zip, adhesive, fake blood and a couple of face paints. The results were so effective that the idea expanded into different Halloween icons. The werewolf kit contains a zip, face paints, fangs and theatrical hair, while the zombie zipper kit contains false teeth and liquid latex for the peeling skin effect! Also available are vampire and devil versions.


There is a huge variety of zombie make-up kits available over Halloween. The zombie trend is on an all time high right now and we have everything you need to get your skin rotting, your blood scabbing and your eyes sinking! Our Smiffy's all in one zombie make-up kit includes soft and stipple sponges, face paints, horror flesh and plenty of blood, including blood capsules! If you're after a little more than make-up, then go for Rubies zombie kit which includes all of your make-up and blood, but you also get wax to build your own scars and a set of zombie teeth! Don't forget to pick up a set of scary contact lenses to complete your look!