If you’re having all of your friends and family over for a Halloween bash then you need to make your horror playlist top of your To-Do list! After all, what is a good party without the best tunes?! If you need some inspiration then check out our top 10 favourite Halloween tracks here.Playlist


  1. “Time Warp” The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Ok, so we’ll kick this top 10 off in style with a song that absolutely must be played at any party, especially one for Halloween. Get everyone dancing with this corker from the original Rocky Horror movie!

  1. “Ghostbusters” Ray Parker Jr.

Another cult classic movie that lends its musical numbers to our playlist is Ghostbusters. The theme tune is catchy and we all know the words so it’s a must have for your playlist. It doesn’t matter what songs you play afterwards as this will be the one stuck in your guest’s heads on the way home.

  1. 8. “Zombie” The cranberries

A perfect edition to your Halloween hits is “Zombie”. The name alone is enough to get it rated here, but the moody tones and spooky lyrics make it a top Halloween tune.

  1. “Highway to Hell” AC/DCacdc

Who doesn’t know this song? Classic rock legends AC/DC take us on a road trip to remember with Highway to Hell and it couldn’t be more fitting for a Halloween bash. Get it on your playlist!

6.”Season of the Witch” Donovan

This catch classic certainly falls under the ‘old but gold’ category. This gem was released in 1966, and has been on our Halloween charts ever since. It has been covered countless times, but except no imitations when putting together your playlist!

  1. “Somebody’s Watching Me” Rockwell

This entire song hinges on paranoia and fear which makes it the ideal creepy catch for your Halloween playlist. Not only that, but it features Michael and Jermaine Jackson in the chorus too!

  1. “Ghost Town” The Specials

While this song is actually about urban decay and towns falling apart, it makes a great Halloween hit. The lyrics are spooky and the music adds that sinister touch.

  1. “Feed My Frankenstein” Alice Cooper

We couldn’t have a Halloween Top 10 and leave out the king of Halloween, Alice Cooper! This is nothing but a Halloween chart topper so it’s a must have for your party playlist!

  1. “This is Halloween” Danny Elfman/Marilyn Manson

Ok, I’ve featured both Elfman and Manson for this one. While the original is most iconic, you can’t leave Marilyn Manson out of a spooky playlist. Taken from the film ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’, this song is everything you need in a Halloween song.

  1. “Thriller” Michael Jackson

I know, I know, it’s a predictable number one, but there is good reason why it tops the Halloween charts every year. Who doesn’t know the tune? Who doesn’t know the words? Hell, who doesn’t know the dance? It’s a cult classic and will live on forever! And let’s face it; none of these other songs include the voice of horror legend Vincent Price.

Halloween Playlist

Now that you’re feeling inspired, turn the volume up and get your party feeling spooktacular! Don’t forget to mix in some scary ambient sounds and a couple of blood curdling screams to keep your guests on their toes. Obviously there are plenty more than 10 tracks to kick off your Halloween party in style so explore! You can even make notes while you’re at Hollywood picking up your Halloween costume and decorations!