Happy Christmas from Hollywood Fancy Dress

Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas, Have a Wonderful Christmas!!!! It's all about celebrations and parties today! It's the 25th December... yes that can only mean one thing... it's CHRISTMAS!! Make sure you are spending the day the way you want with the people you love.

To celebrate Christmas properly with the good ol' fashion traditional style - we hope you look the part. Who doesn't spend Christmas around the dinner table wearing a goofy hat... I mean come on?! It isn't Christmas without the party hat and cracker!

Check out our most hilarious Christmas Hat's that we hope you are wearing today!

The Turkey Hat

happy christmas

The fantastic Turkey hat is a popular favourite among anyone willing to look silly on Christmas Day herself! This festive and perfectly roasted hat is number. 1 on our list of must-have party hats this season. After all who doesn't like dressing to match the dinner?

The Reindeer Hat

happy christmas

This brilliant Reindeer Hat is simply a must-have today of all days! After all who doesn't enjoy the idea of Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer resting on your head? All reindeer's need a rest too you know! This stylish hat is brown with a Reindeer design. It even has attached floppy legs which certainly add to the sillyness.

The Naughty or Nice Hat

happy christmas

Our brand new to 2016 Naughty or Nice Santa Hat is last on our short list. It has been declared our third favourite this Christmas! Why you ask? Well this hat is guaranteed to make you go Ooo la la! Not only is is a very nice, luxurious Santa Claus hat it can even been personalized to suit your own personality. Maybe you are a bit of a mood changer? No worries! With this hat you can go from Naughty to Nice on your own accord!

So come on Hollywood Fancy Dress shoppers! Don't be boring on Christmas Day - grab your festive hat and join in on the sillyness!

There's only one thing left to say... have a very Merry Christmas from all at Hollywood Fancy Dress!