Party your way into the New Year with Hollywood! Get the drinks flowing at your party with some of our fantastic drinking games and funnels. Your friends will love battling it out in Beer pong or racing each other on a double tube beer bonBeer Pongg!

Beer Pong!

Our beer pong sets are currently on sale for only £7.50 each so there’s never been a better time to pick up one for you and your friends. We have a whole range to choose from including the new and exciting Twister pong and, of course, classic American beer pong. If you’re a drinking game novice then don’t panic as all of our sets come with instructions and even place mats so you can set out your cups with precision.

Beer Bongs!hr-hrbongzilla-bongzilla-beer-bong_3

Now you really are in for a treat here! If you can chug a beer, this is the game for you and there are now so many ways you play. You can get a single tube funnel for standard beer chugging antics, double tubes for racing against your friends and even quad tubes for a whole group to use! If all of that wasn’t enough... let me introduce you to BONGZILLA! This beauty is a free standing, 6 tube funnel for everyone to enjoy. A true masterpiece in drinking equipment!

Clip On Drinking Bongs!hr-hrbottdblbong-double-downer-beer-bottle-bong_6

We all like a good drink now and then, but if you’re a true party animal, you need one of our clip on drinking bongs so you can chug EVERY drink! We have single tube bottle bongs for the ultimate strawpedo experience and even a double down bottle bong for 2 beers at once. If your beverage of choice comes in a can, have no fear, we’ve got you covered there too! The can bong clips on to any standard size can to help you chug.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, oh no! We have drinking backpacks and beer bongs on necklaces, perfect for on the go sm-23735-drinking-straw-specsparty animals. For something a little tamer, but no less amazing, we have drinking glasses. A super long clear straw that wraps around your ears and eyes so you can see your drink swirling around from your glass to your mouth!